The first choice for indoor air purification — OLANSI air purifier

The first choice for indoor air purification — OLANSI air purifier

In the face of a less optimistic air quality environment, change is what people most want to do, and air purifiers are born for this.


In the early years of the past, many people bought air purifiers mostly because the frequent occurrence of haze weather affected their quality of life, fearing that haze particles would pose a threat to health, but in fact, yes. Since then, the air purifier industry has developed rapidly in my country and even in the world.

Up to now, with everyone’s attention to the environmental protection and healthy environment of home and office, air purifiers have gradually become a must-have.


The role of air purifiers


  1. Remove air pollution particles:

The haze weather/PM2.5 we often say is actually an aerosol system composed of a large number of particulate pollutants in the air, such as dust, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid. Air purifiers can be said to be a good match for removing these harmful particles that drift into the room with the wind.


  1. Sterilization:


Airborne bacterial contamination sources are the fastest way to spread pathogens.


  1. Remove odor and freshen the air


The existence of life odor will make the owner of the house look sloppy, keeping the room clean and fresh air will be a bonus.


  1. In addition to formaldehyde and other harmful gases

There are many building decoration furniture and other materials that release formaldehyde for up to 15 years. It can be seen that formaldehyde removal is a systematic and long-term task. The continuous purification function of formaldehyde removal air purifiers is better in line with its characteristics!


After several years of development, the air purifier industry has matured technology. With the improvement of weather quality, many air purifier manufacturers have shifted from removing haze particles to removing formaldehyde. What kind of OLANSI air purifier is effective in removing formaldehyde?

The main point is: the higher the quality of activated carbon, the more sufficient the amount, the higher the formaldehyde removal effect.


In view of the easy saturation of activated carbon adsorption, many air purifier manufacturers have integrated formaldehyde catalytic decomposition technology on the basis of activated carbon, which can decompose formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful pollutants while adsorbing.

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