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Hydrogen water generator how to change the modern life?

Hydrogen  water has more than vitamin C, carrots, etc. all of the known human lecithin antioxidant antioxidant, on allergic dermatitis, constipation, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and other symptoms caused by free radical has strong protective effect. Often drinking hydrogen rich water, can promote The new supersedes the old. in each cell. To maintain a healthy state, get rid of body rust, anti-aging. According to experts explain,  hydrogen water drinking note the following matters: 1 healthy people how to drink The unique molecular hydrogen [...]

Hydrogence water maker machine of Olans

    Olans hydrogen water maker machine  is made of high quality great material to build 1, safe anti scalding. Anti scalding ,Easy to clean, Anti fall impact resistance, Prolong the service life of the cup. 2, safety and health. Resistant to falling pressure, high temperature immersion safety and hygiene, quality assurance. 3, hydrogen  water generated. Fine uniform, superior filtering performance. The water and water hydrogen generator step separation of hydrogen rich water, easily taste Hydrogen water maker machine by the water molecule will be refined, rich in [...]

Olans hydrogen water generator improve your quality of life

Water is the source of life, every day to drink 1500 milliliters of water can effectively maintain the function of the body, from the demand for healthy drinking water, drinking water is a very good thing. The body consists of seventy percent water, the water quality is not good, a direct impact on human health, so there was a kind of safety and health. It can improve health indicators of drinking water shooting two birds with one stone? Hydrogen  water [...]

Hydrogen water major problems(2)

1, the current situation of hydrogen research at home and abroad? Hydrogen papers published at home and abroad has 500 articles, which accounted for 1/4 of domestic paper. At present, has been validated by experiments and published the hydrogen has the effect of treating or improving diseases including metabolic syndrome, type two diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, atherosclerosis, hangover, erectile dysfunction and so on more than 60 2, what crowd is suitable for drinking negative hydrogen water? All people are free to drink, [...]

Hydrogen water major problems(1)

01, what is  hydrogen water? Negative hydrogen water is the water dissolved in hydrogen. Hydrogen is usually only slightly soluble in water, an atmospheric pressure of hydrogen saturation concentration of 1.6ppm, solubility slightly lower than oxygen. 02, hydrogen on human safety? Hydrogen is an endogenous gas, anaerobic bacteria metabolism in the intestinal flora produces a lot of hydrogen, the body exhaled and excluded the gas contains hydrogen, therefore, hydrogen is very safe for the human body. 03, how is hydrogen absorbed by the [...]

Hydrogen water maker bottle is your best choice

Why is the glass the first choice?: 1, high temperature (800-900 DEG C) under the product, many harmful substances including organic matter and heavy metals in this link all removed. 2, glass transparency, easy to clean. 3, no harmful components are added in the processing. However, note that the glass is most afraid of thermal expansion. Low temperature glasses don’t hold water, to prevent explosion. Children need to use glass in adult supervision. The color of the glass? Suggest that you choose carefully because: 1, [...]

Big Test About Car Air Purifier !

Car air purification test Morning at about 10, we made a day of outdoor PM2.5 readings in the car side, as shown here: the results here can see the haze meter readings for PM2.5 concentration of 329 ug/m3, PM10 737 ug/m3. Then, we entered the car. In this car an annual output of 2011 vehicles for the Qashqai, measurement of air quality, the car front Haze Meter Reading PM2.5 is 232 ug/m3, PM10 is 535 ug/m3. the car air filter used for [...]

Note: the use of hydrogen water Maker using personal summary

1, routine use Button to press a short time of electrolysis, two for a long time electrolysis, long press off.. 2, water source Only with boiling water or warm boiling water, bottled water, bottled water, prohibited the use of other non potable water, don’t try to electrolytic beer, tea, cola, fruit juice etc. 3, other matters needing attention (1), the charging interface is not inserted, do not force the press, it is because the plug is wrong, (2)Many times after electrolysis, the lid seal is [...]

Hydrogen water generator can be used hot water

1.Temperature, pressure is certain, the hydrogen solubility is certain Under normal temperature and pressure, hydrogen is a highly flammable, colorless and transparent, no odor gas. Hydrogen gas is the smallest density known to the world. At 20 DEG 100mL water can dissolve 1.82mL hydrogen, dissolved with water specific can have a great relationship. 2, You can use hot hydrogen water As for the hydrogen  water maker can not use hot water, the answer is: Yes. But the higher the temperature, the water molecules, [...]

China Air Purifier Manufacturer Catalog (2)

1.Company name: Zhuhai Large Horse Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, address:(Middle Block) Floor 3, No. 1 Industrial Factory Building, Pingdong 2nd Road, Nanping Science Park, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China (Mainland) 2.Company name: Foshan Nuobio Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.   address:Room 531, Guantian Xinzhan Plaza, #6 Xinhua East Road, Ronggui Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)   3.Company name: Zhongshan Aier Environmental Technology Co address:No. 41, Xingan Road, Tong’an Village, Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China (Mainland) 4.Company name: Jiangsu Chuanglan Solar Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.   address:No. 69, Jinxiu Road, Zhitang Town, Changshu, Jiangsu, China [...]