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Can air purifier run 24 hours continuously?

Can air purifier run 24 hours continuously? Will continuous usage cause problem? In fact, as long as the fan life, abrasion, heat dissipation no problem, it is OK.Because in theory, any electrical appliances can run 24-hour continuously without rest, but electrical appliances also have life span. It’s calculated according to the use of time. For air purifiers, 24 hours continuously running will cause big life consumption of filter material. For example, when used as normal, filter life is one year, but [...]

Olansi Maintains Its Reputation In Being A Leading Air Purifier Service Provider

Guangzhou Olansi air purifier manufacturer Guangzhou Olansi air purifier manufacturer Business China. Guangzhou, CA 11010 000 [email protected] Home China, (September 27, 2016) – The air we breathe decides the quality of our life! This is where air purifiers come into use and opting in for a generic service provider would mean cutting out on the advanced features. This is where Olansi has been able to make a huge difference with its wide range of air purifiers that ranges from home air purifiers to specialized air purifiers meant [...]

Air purifier Top Nine brands in 2015 ranking

Air purifier Top Nine brands in 2015 ranking Air purifier for us to remove some of the harmful substances in the environment, but in general, the effect of a good air purifier products will be more obvious, you want to buy air purifier friends can look at the top ten air purifier in 2015 Brand ranking. Air purifier top ten brands 1. Philips Philips is derived from the Dutch brand, its brand history is quite long, Philips small appliances in the industry is [...]

What is Beijing cough?

Beijing cough refer to the respiratory symptoms in people who lives in Peking,major symptoms is itchy throat, dry cough, this phenomenon is caused by severe air pollution in Peking. “Beijing cough” has been circulated among foreigners in more than a decade, in early January 2013, “Beijing cough” was even printed in foreigners travel guide! “Beijing cough” can be considered as a disease, it is a kind of airway hyperresponsiveness, airway refers to certain stimuli and by the shrinkage reaction occurs, manifested as cough, chest tightness, asthma, [...]

When do I need to use a Olansi Air Purifier?

Olansi air purifiers reduces allergies because its multi-stage active filtration system traps up to 99.7% of airborne particles, removing many of the irritants that can trigger allergic reactions. The pre-filter of the air purifier acts on large heavy particles like pet hair, dust mites and dust. Meanwhile, a HEPA filters mold, dust mite spores, pollen and microscopic particles of dust from the air. These fine particles can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. In addition, the Active Carbon filter is designed [...]

Why you need to purify your indoor air and how to do it

Why you need to purify your indoor air and how to do it Did you know the air inside your home or office is often worse than outside air? Since most of us spend most of our time indoors, it would be wise to ensure our inside air is as healthy as possible. The list of indoor air toxins is surprising. But there are ways of purifying your indoor air and protecting against those indoor airborne toxins.Indoor Toxic Issues Air duct [...]

High pollution levels linked to increase in heart attack risk

High pollution levels linked to increase in heart attack risk High levels of pollution could increase the risk of having a heart attack for up to six hours after exposure, finds research published online in the British Medical Journal.However, the researchers found no increased risk after the six hour time frame. Given the transient nature of the increased risk, they speculate that the heart attack would have happened anyway and was merely brought forward by a few hours. This is known [...]

Zero formaldehyde from furniture manufacturer is just a Legend

Furniture manufacturers declares “zero formaldehyde” to meet public furniture demand, but because the wood itself contains very few amounts of formaldehyde, what’s more, adhesives and other materials used on wood processing contains formaldehyde, so zero formaldehyde is just a legend.   Reporters learned that most of the formaldehyde comes from furniture, decorative materials and textile articles. So how to reduce or eliminate formaldehyde?   First, use high-quality paint and even water-based paint when housing renovation to reduce the release of formaldehyde from the source. Try to select trusted brands when buying furnitures, decorative materials [...]

How much you know the Indoor Purification

If ordinary people do not eat, can survive for 3 weeks. If no water can survive for 3 days, but if no air, even 3 minutes can not live, we can choose food and water, but it is difficult to choose the air and the respiratory system of the human immune system is much worse than the gastrointestinal tract, so respiratory health is very important for everyone. Air pollution shows a significant upward trend. Many years ago, stay in the [...]

“air vitamin” – The benefits of negative ions

Prevention, Producing reactive oxygen species, negative ions can activate the oxygen molecules in the air effectively to help more active and  easily absorbed by the human body,  prevention of “air conditioning disease”effectively. To improve the lung function, After the human body absorbs the oxygen carrying negative ions, the lung can increase the absorption of oxygen 20%, and more than 14.5% of the carbon dioxide. Stimulate metabolism, The activation of many kinds of enzymes in organism, promote the The new supersedes the old. Enhance disease resistance, Can [...]