Can air purifier run 24 hours continuously?

Can air purifier run 24 hours continuously?

Can air purifier run 24 hours continuously? Will continuous usage cause problem?

In fact, as long as the fan life, abrasion, heat dissipation no problem, it is OK.Because in theory, any electrical appliances can run 24-hour continuously without rest, but electrical appliances also have life span. It’s calculated according to the use of time.

For air purifiers, 24 hours continuously running will cause big life consumption of filter material. For example, when used as normal, filter life is one year, but if 24 hours non-stop usage, filter life may only last for about half year or three months.So expert suggest to turn the machine on when people is in and turn off the machine when no one is in. For example, children at home, the elderly and other people at home for a long time, as well as sleep at night, be sure to open.

There is a situation, some electrostatic or plasma discharge principle air purifier may produce a small amount of ozone, prolonged operation may cause indoor ozone concentration exceeding the standard, such air purifier is not recommended to run 24 hours continuously. You can judge if ozone concentration exceed by the obvious odor in the air outlet of the air purifier after the machine operate for a long time.

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