China Air Purifier:You should consider air quality monitors

China Air Purifier:You should consider air quality monitors

Five Air Quality Monitors Everyone Should Consider

People are becoming more health conscious than ever before. However, while most folks work to refine their diets or implement a workout routine, more and more are becoming concerned with the quality of air they’re breathing in with the use or an air quality monitor. And, rightfully so. As we’ve mentioned at length in the past, there are numerous factors polluting the air we breathe and Air Quality In The USA is far from the healthiest, when compared to other countries. But, it does seem like we’re making strides to take better precaution.


Numerous companies are popping out of the woodwork, looking to provide consumer awareness to air quality. While most of these air quality monitors seem to combine air quality intuition with other functionality, many offer extremely valuable information about indoor/outdoor particulate levels and even offer advice on how to take precautions when unsafe air is present.

To ensure anyone concerned about their air quality can find the proper tool to help their health and prevent poor air quality from affecting their healthy lifestyle, we have provided the following five air quality monitors everyone should consider adding to their routine.

Birdi Smart Air Monitor

Birdi ($119)

With a tagline that simply states ‘Better Than A Smoke Detector,’ consumers can expect this air quality monitor to provide them with peace of mind across multiple fronts. Featuring sensors that monitor much more than fire dangers, this sleek ceiling-mounted device sends alerts directly to users’ smartphones when abnormal levels of air pollution, pollen, dust or carbon monoxide are present.

Available for pre-order at

breezometer air quality

BreezoMeter (Free Download)

Unlike many air quality monitors, the BreezoMeter is exclusively based on your smartphone. This award-winning app presents users with real time outdoor air quality levels in their area, providing air quality readings for their block, street, city or state level. Plus, the smart app alerts users when conditions are rising and provides personalized health recommendations for those who have downloaded. They can then use that information to take any necessary precautions to avoid areas with poor air quality and maintain healthy indoor air, by not tracking in airborne pollutants.

Available for download on Google Play. Coming soon on Apple App Store.

footbot air quality monitor

Foobot ($169)

Unlike other air quality monitors on this list, this device is exclusively meant to help your indoor air quality. Built with high-tech sensors that scan your home or office 24/7, this healthy living supplement uses advanced algorithms to recognize indoor air patterns and warns users upon sensing rising levels of pollutants. Even better, Foobot provides actionable suggestions for users, guiding them to healthier living spaces. For instance, if dust levels are too high, users will get an alert on their smartphone, telling them to open a window. Or, if VOC levels are concerning, the app lets them know to stop using cleaning products.

Available to order from

dylos dc1100 air quality monitor

Dylos DC1100 ($199)

Although not quite as pretty as other competitive models, the DC1100 Air Quality Monitor from Dylos Corporation gets right down to business. Built with a true laser particle counter, this hand-held device has two different reading sizes to gauge the levels of both small particulates (allergies, dust, bacteria, mold, etc) and big particulates (pollen, dust, etc), offering actual air quality readings for up to 30 days prior to the most recent test.

Available to order from

Cube-sensors-4 air quality monitor

CubeSensors ($299-$599)

Small enough to hold in your hand, CubeSensors offer numerous uses that can make a positive impact on the health and lifestyles of your family or co-workers. Built with seven powerful sensors, these hand-held air quality monitors make users aware of indoor air pollution levels, room temperatures, mold/humidity levels, noise levels and air pressure. They come in packs of two, four or six, recommending users add one per room. All air quality monitors link to a smartphone app, which provides timely alerts and recommendations.

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