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The secret of younger and more beatiful

All say that women are made of water, not wrong, not only the woman is the water to do, all of the world’s human beings are made of water, 70% of the human body is water, so that the whole human beings are made of water. Every day the body’s blood and water in the non-stop in the cycle, but also because of these cycles, we can be a healthy life every minute, a person who does not cycle, on [...]

Don’t look down upon Hydrogen Water

What is Hydrogen water ? Hydrogen is one of the best natural antioxidants, because the hydrogen water molecules are very small, can quickly penetrate the cells, and the body’s “health killer” oxygen free radicals, and finally the formation of water discharged in vitro. By removing hydrogen malignant free radicals, reconstruction of inner environment balance, start to stimulate the self repairing mechanism of human body, improve health, reshape the young state. Hydrogen is difficult to dissolve in water, and the use of nano [...]

Air purifier is also useful in serious environment

According to reports, the global annual number of deaths due to poor air quality caused by millions. Air pollution is a global problem. However, the air pollution has not been enough attention, especially in the indoor air quality. Most people only through the eyes and nose to determine the indoor air quality, like PM2.5, bacteria and formaldehyde are “invisible”, this method of judgment is invalid. Especially in summer, high temperature conditions, the photochemical reaction in the air will be enhanced, [...]

New Delhi has become the most dirty city in the world.But i have an idea !!

According to reports of 24th Nov, the India city’s air pollution index than the Chinese coal mining area of the city is still high, the most polluted cities are New Delhi and Calcutta. In 2012, air pollution in the world that killed about 7 million people, became the world’s largest environmental health risk. About 80% of the people died of myocardial infarction and stroke, but the air pollution will lead to the increase in the number of lung cancer deaths. In [...]

Car air purifier,Actually not that simple

If you buy a lot of automotive supplies, then the car air purifier must not unfamiliar. Such a small machine is how to purify the air inside the air purifier? Really useful? For these questions, I will answer for you. Although invisible to the naked eye, but the actual car filled with a lot of pollution sources, such as used car decoration textiles, plastic and other accessories will release formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances; automobile exhaust is also easy [...]

Have you ever heard th seceond time pollution ?

In order to let the family to live in a healthy environment, many people put the air purifier at home, it is also an essential artifact as against the haze.  However, the air purifier may cause the seceond time pollution if not make the best of use  How many kind of air purifier ? At present,there are two types of pirifier in the market. Pure physical purification filter net type air purifier and  the ion type air purifier,a lot of people use HEPA filter net [...]

Pay attention to the inspection report when purchasing

Many people  appeared unwell symptoms when haze weather came, we are actively looking for other ways to remove haze, including the purchase of air purifier is one of the most popular recently. The air purifier on the market continued hot selling, however many kinds of complex, the performance of converter in the end how to buy? On the market of air purifiers,” four purification”, “negative ion air purification” ,”purification stereo”, “double sensor”, each brand has thie own selling point ,so how [...]

Select the most suitable air purifier for you

In order to reduce the influence of outdoor air on indoor air quality, air purifier has become China home appliance “new members”. In view of the market there are many types of air purifier products, some brands for different pollutants have different types of products, consumers should first clear the situation you want to purify polluted environment. According to the sources of pollution to choose different products. Indoor air pollution, particulate matter generally, microbial. The newly renovated rooms and in [...]

Air purifier has been more and more important to us

The particle “PM2.5” as a result of the effects of air pollution, in 2015 the global air purifier sales tends to increase, in 2015 the global air purifier sales reached 25 million units. By 2022 the global air purifier sales will reach 59 million units. The air purifier market in developed countries has been quite stable and mature technology, Japan and the United States is the world’s two largest air purifier production and consumption country, the annual demand of about [...]

Indoor pollution can also kill people

Indoor air pollution causes 4 million 300 thousand people to die each year, and 3 million 700 thousand people die each year from outdoor air pollution. This is a report released by WHO in May this year. When we discuss the Environment, we should also pay attention to the indoor air pollution. After all,  most of the time we stay indoors,usually, we think that the “closed the doors and windows”, “the use of the air purifier“, you can easily reduce indoor [...]