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How to choose an air purifier?Four points helps you choose air purifier in 2021&2022

There may be many hidden dangers in the air that looks normal at ordinary times, such as excessive formaldehyde released during new house decoration, a large number of molds in Meiyu season, and viruses spread by influenza outbreak, etc. It can also improve the indoor air environment. Our best choice is air purifier. However, there are so many kinds of air purifiers in the market, how can we choose to avoid “stepping on thunder”? 1、 What are the specifications of [...]

Does the daily air purifier need to be on all the time?

With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for the living environment are also increasing, and many families will use air purifiers to purify indoor air. During the use process, many people will ask a question: Does the air purifier need to be on all the time? How long is it appropriate to keep it on? Air purifiers can filter PM2.5, dust, and allergens in the indoor air. Some air purifiers also have some special functions, such as sterilization and [...]

The necessity of buying an air purifier 2022

  The current air pollution problem is very serious. Not only is the external environment unbearable, but you have to wear masks when you go out, and even indoors are affected. Many people have begun to buy air purifiers, which also increases the demand for air purifiers. Suddenly it has increased rapidly, especially the air purifier has become everyone’s favorite product, but many people have also raised questions, is it really necessary to buy this product?     This is definitely going home. [...]

Five misunderstandings about air purifiers

The U.S. Department of Environmental Protection conducted a survey on human activity patterns. People spend 87% of their time indoors and 7% of their time outdoors. Is our air really healthy if we stay indoors for a long time? The answer is of course no, you think, as large as harmful pollutants, inhalable particulate matter, as small as PM2.5, dust particles, cigarette smoke, flower fragrance, pet hair, dander, and even new coronavirus, bacteria, formaldehyde, benzene, Sulfur dioxide and so on. These [...]

How to protect health in heavy pollution weather?

Heavy pollution weather refers to the air pollution phenomenon with an air quality index greater than 200, that is, the ambient air quality reaches a serious pollution level or above; heavy pollution weather with PM2.5 as the primary pollutant is commonly known as “smog.” Heavy pollution weather can increase the risk of morbidity and death of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in the population. In addition, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) under the World Health Organization has [...]

The best air purifier for smoke 2021

If you want to get rid of smoke, whether it is cigar or cigarette smoke or cooking, you need the best air purifier for smoke 2021. There are many reasons that you have to buy a tobacco air purifier like you or your family members are a regular smoker, you don’t like the smell of cigarette, cigar odor, or cooking smells. Maybe you are living in an area where you have to face wildfire exposure, and you want a [...]