The necessity of buying an air purifier 2022

The necessity of buying an air purifier 2022


The current air pollution problem is very serious. Not only is the external environment unbearable, but you have to wear masks when you go out, and even indoors are affected. Many people have begun to buy air purifiers, which also increases the demand for air purifiers. Suddenly it has increased rapidly, especially the air purifier has become everyone’s favorite product, but many people have also raised questions, is it really necessary to buy this product?



This is definitely going home. For the sake of good health, the use of purifiers has become a must-have for many families and public places. Especially for many public places, the internal air quality is not very good. When the flow volume is particularly large, the problem can only be solved by an air purifier. With this purifier, the indoor air can be refreshed and the fresh air can be quickly smelled.


You should know that 70% of a person’s life is spent indoors, including one’s own home, office, and public places, and sometimes these places are even worse than the outside air, especially large amounts. The problem of formaldehyde emitted by furniture products is very serious. If you keep pets at home, it will add a lot of bacteria invisibly, which will aggravate the indoor pollution problem, which will affect people’s health in the long run. In addition, there are also these purchases of air. The necessity of purifiers.


First: In the current furniture materials, there is more or less formaldehyde in it. Even if the country starts random inspections, it can only find various companies. Some companies have not been sampled. Among these pollutants, the highest It can volatilize more than 300 kinds of poisonous air, and once it is entangled, it will cause diseases. In order to avoid these pollution in the furniture, whether it is work or life, using an air purifier is the best choice.


Second: There will be a lot of waste when cooking. Even with a range hood, these things cannot be avoided. This is how a lot of bacteria are produced, especially in many public places where people come and go. It will have an impact on the air. In addition, the air outside is already seriously polluted. It is too much need a purifier to solve the problem. With it, you can breathe fresh air on all occasions.


Third: If you can’t breathe fresh air for a long time, your body will be affected, especially the elderly, pregnant women and children. There is no way to compare with the young in terms of physique. As long as there is a problem in one place, it will remain. The problems will appear one after another. Such people living in a heavily polluted room for a long time will cause dizziness and sore throat. When the child’s development is not complete, they do not pay attention to air purification. In severe cases, it may even affect the development of children. For the sake of the next generation If you are healthy, you have to buy a good air purifier.

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