Hepa Air Purifier:Indoor Air Pollution

Hepa Air Purifier:Indoor Air Pollution

People are living in the air with pollution, when you think of air pollution, you may think of things like smog, power plants and emissions from cars and trucks. Those are all examples of outdoor air pollution, but air indoors can be polluted too. Pollutants are any harmful contaminants in the air; therefore, indoor air pollution is when pollutants from things such as gases and particles contaminate the air indoors.

Indoor air pollution is a very real and dangerous thing because indoor air is far more concentrated with pollutants than outdoor air. It’s estimated that 2.2 million deaths each year are due to indoor air pollution (compared to 500,000 deaths from outdoor air pollution).

5 Simple Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality

1.Keep your floors fresh.

2. Keep a healthy level of humidity.

3. Make your home a no-smoking zone.

4. Test for radon.

5. Smell good naturally.

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