What is Beijing cough?

Beijing cough refer to the respiratory symptoms in people who lives in Peking,major symptoms is itchy throat, dry cough, this phenomenon is caused by severe air pollution in Peking.

“Beijing cough” has been circulated among foreigners in more than a decade, in early January 2013, “Beijing cough” was even printed in foreigners travel guide!

“Beijing cough” can be considered as a disease, it is a kind of airway hyperresponsiveness, airway refers to certain stimuli and by the shrinkage reaction occurs, manifested as cough, chest tightness, asthma, etc.


Its symptom is irregular occurrence of itching throat or dry cough,lasting from December until next year’s April. Many migrants and living abroad long-term Chinese people began to cough when come to Peking,when they are back overseas after a month or so , the symptoms will disappear.

Beijing cough that does not cause Peking resident attention, but in the eyes of the foreign people, Beijing people has been coughing all the time. Often migrants discover Peking people are caughing or the taxi driver are in cough. When you walk in the district in morning, many of the cough are spreading out from windows.

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