Precautions for choosing an air purifier

Air purifiers are also called air cleaners, air purifiers, or air cleaners.

In the relevant national “Air Purifier” standards, an air purifier is defined as “a device that separates and removes one or more pollutants from the air. A device that has a certain ability to remove pollutants in the air.
So how to choose an air purifier better?
What should I pay attention to when choosing an air purifier?
(1) Choose products that have passed the national air purifier green certification. The quality of these products has been tested by a nationally recognized inspection agency to meet the electrical performance and purification performance indicators of the air purifier.

(2) Choose an air purifier with the fan’s air volume as large as possible. Especially in the filtering air purifier, there is a fan as the energy source of the air circulation system, because the air volume is large, the filtering effect and purification ability are relatively large.

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air purifier

(3) Choose products from regular manufacturers or big brands. At present, there are many brands of air purifiers. In order to ensure the quality, it is best to choose products produced by regular manufacturers.

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(3) Try to choose larger products, because the purifier is relatively large, it is necessary to consider that the filter system has a certain dust holding capacity and air holding capacity in order to extend the service life of the air purifier filter material. In order to ensure a better purification effect, products with 360° annular air inlet and outlet can be selected to ensure a larger working area. If conditions permit, you can choose a composite multi-functional air purifier to ensure that indoor air can be purified under different conditions.

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(4) For the air purifier used by the elderly, choose an air purifier that is convenient to operate and has a relatively high degree of intelligence.

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(5) It is best to use a high-efficiency filter air purifier at home to choose a purifier with a silent function, which can be used during sleep at night. It is best for families with children and pets to choose air purifiers with high safety performance to prevent children or pets from playing and causing harm.

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