How much you know the Indoor Purification

If ordinary people do not eat, can survive for 3 weeks. If no water can survive for 3 days, but if no air, even 3 minutes can not live, we can choose food and water, but it is difficult to choose the air and the respiratory system of the human immune system is much worse than the gastrointestinal tract, so respiratory health is very important for everyone.

Air pollution shows a significant upward trend. Many years ago, stay in the house for a long time, open the window for a breath of fresh air, but now, outdoor pollution, haze raging, had to shut the doors and windows, guarding the home of this part of the “land”, but the indoor air than outdoor clean? The answer is No.

The most effective way to improve the indoor air is to use Air Cleaner/Air Purifier and other professional purification equipment. Air purifier with a variety of purification technology, can purify dust, particulate matter, bacteria, formaldehyde and other pollutants, in the purification of air, has a significant role.


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