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With mist fountain and air purifiers, Delhi gears up for fight against pollution

The Aam Aadmi Party government said on Friday it will install giant outdoor air purifiers at five highly polluted locations in Delhi, unveiling more measures to battle the capital’s smog. A mist fountain will also be set up in a yet-to-be identified location, transport minister Satyendar Jain said amid a steady spike in pollution levels, which experts say can cause several ailments ranging from respiratory problems to even cancer in humans. Jain said the systems, to be installed by mid-December, will [...]

Breathing easy: Is an expensive air purifier necessarily more effective?

With the onset of winter bringing its usual pall of pollution-related gloom over the skies in North India, the conversation in Delhi, the second-most polluted city in the world, returns to the question of how to tackle pollution, indoors and outdoors. Over the past two years, this concern has resulted in a thriving market for air purifiers in the national capital. With the onset of winter bringing its usual pall of pollution-related gloom over the skies in North India, the conversation [...]

Delhi government plans to install air purifiers, mist fountain to curb air pollution

  In a first, the Delhi government on Friday announced a three-tier air treatment system which includes setting up of wind purification units, mist fountains and virtual chimney at five major traffic intersections on trial basis to deal with rising air pollution level. The air treatment system has potential to reduce carbon monoxide and particulate emission by 40%-60% in 20-30 metre radius during peak hours of traffic, government sources claimed. Delhi Minister Satyendar Jain, who is also the head of Delhi Task [...]

Beijing plans to build new schools with air purifiers

Education authorities in Beijing plan to include air purification systems as a standard feature in new schools, according to reports in Chinese state media. he plan, which must be approved by the central government, is designed to combat high levels of toxic gases and harmful particles found in the city’s air. Concerned parents have been clamoring for added protection at the city’s schools. “Schools must guarantee students’ safety and get permission from their parents before installing,” Xian Lianping, the head of [...]

This winter beat pollution with air purifiers

It has been over a month since we last saw the blue sky in Delhi. The amount of pollution is such that even at noon, the capital of India looks all wrapped in smog. Worse, it not only makes the city seem hideous and ghastly, the dirty and pollution-laden air is a serious health hazard. Now, there are no shortcuts to deal with the ridiculously high-level of pollution. It is a health emergency and unless drastic (and big) measures are [...]

How to prep your home for fall allergy season

          For many allergy sufferers, spring is peak allergy season. But autumn brings its own batch of allergy triggers: ragweed pollinates in the fall and can travel hundreds of miles, and corn mazes, piles of leaves and jack-o’-lanterns can harbor mold. And while we may enjoy when summer’s warmth lingers into the fall, that warm weather can trigger mold spores to be released when humidity is high or the weather is dry and windy, according to [...]

Clearing the air: Air purifiers may have benefits, but cutting pollution holds key

Ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit to New Delhi in January, the US embassy, worried over the quality of the capital’s air, purchased 1,800 air purifiers for use on the mission premises. With persistent smog over Delhi since Diwali, and increasing awareness of air pollution across India, sales of air purifiers have seen a remarkable spike. Philips has reported a 20-30% surge in sales this year, and Eureka Forbes, which was one of the first to enter the Indian market [...]

Understanding the Pros and Cons of DIY Air purifier

Impurities in the air are a concern to anyone who wants to avoid respiratory problems, and installing an air purifier as a do it yourself project is an option worth considering. Given the low cost budget required to set up your own air purifier, this option has emerged as one popular option in many poorer cities where majority of the population find such leading air purifier as IQAir to be way too unaffordable. Some concerns that you may encounter can [...]

Can HEPA Filtration Help With Allergies?

Absolutely, but only when used in conjunction with other cleaning methods. HEPA air filters are highly effective at removing airborne particles that tend to irritate allergies, but that’s just one step in the battle against indoor air contaminants. Like all things airborne, many heavier components will settle on the ground, rather than staying suspended in the air. It’s important to thoroughly clean floors, especially carpets, bedding, and curtains as these surfaces can retain pollutants. Read More: Best Air Purifier 2016 Some vacuum cleaners have HEPA [...]

Air Purifier Market Growth Projected at 12% CAGR to 2020

The air purifier market is driven by the surging pollution levels, depleting air quality leading to increasing prevalence of the air borne diseases. The report titled Global Air Purifier Market: Trends, Opportunities and Forecasts (2016-2021) – (By Value, By Filter Technology – HEPA, ION & Ozone, Activated Carbon; By Region – North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, RoW; By Country – US, UK, Canada, China, India; Key Players; Recommendations) has analyzed the potential of Global Air Purifiers market and provides [...]