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Water of life – Hydrogen rich water detoxification

The water of the electrolysis water machine is hydrogen rich water In the early years, people called electrolysis water alkaline ion water, the truth of this kind of water is actually hydrogen rich water Electrolytic water equipment is not conducive to carrying? “To restore the water required to generate water electrolysis equipment, etc., which is very unfavorable to carry” ? The water cup is in electrolytic production of hydrogen rich water, first popular in Japan, whenever and wherever possible can produce hydrogen rich [...]

Hydrogen water maker has a revolutionary impact

The role of hydrogen rich water: hydrogen can really cure the disease? A large number of animal experiments have proved that the effect of hydrogen on animal diseases, such as cerebral ischemia, liver ischemia, myocardial ischemia, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, arteriosclerosis, radiation treatment side effects Since 2008, there have been nearly 30 clinical research papers, proof of stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer chemotherapy side effects, bedsore, fatigue, inflammatory skin disease treatment, the metabolic syndrome has a number of research papers, [...]

Air purification should pay attention to what ?

As everyone knows, most city of our country has entered the era of air pollution, especially industrial city, serious air pollution has been a threat to the health of people, and even the emergence of a lot of cancer villages, let not the lives of the local people health. For this case, air purification has become the most important topic for our country, how to purify air, air quality recovery, how to let the air out of danger has [...]

Hydrogence Water Bottle from China Olansi

Hydrogen rich cup in Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries have some luxury products, the world has been pursued, the 2016 CCTV search discovery programs “root – the magic of hydrogen rich water“, let us China people are aware of the hydrogen rich water, and hydrogen rich water has been some channels can foreign purchase, the price is too high to be reached, like Japan just a cup the cheapest is nearly 4000, Hydrogen rich cup produced by Guangzhou [...]

2017 Olans Air Purifier Do Better

In order to strengthen the air purifier industry rapid development, improve production technology, make the market more standardized, relevant and authoritative platform for comprehensive quality inspection of the air purifier market. The process of the detection, the CADR value of the product is mainly tested, respirable particulate matter purification, formaldehyde purification. The last state bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection out of the unqualified products 25%, let the market have a certain criterion. And the detection process, screening out the [...]

Hydrogen Water Generator,Personal Care Products For Treatment Insomnia

H3  Device utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce hydrogen through hydrogen generator. The product is designed for Conditioning the body,  Daily needs and facial spa.     How it works   1. Put the water into the pot (not metal one), which the ideal water temperature is 20-50 degree;   2. Power on the machine, then wait for a few minutes.   3. User can enjoy the Hydrogen water according to their habbit.     Introduction of Hydrogen 1. Lightest element in the universe with strong penetration [...]

Drinking Hydrogen Water Maker For All Age Groups

Introduction 1. Portable and easy to use 2. Transforms regular water into hydrogen-water for daily consuming 3. Suggest to drink 7 cups of hydrogen water every day to keep cells in balance 4. Long-term consuming can help improve immunity, prevent from illness 5. Rapid repair for gastric and intestinal lesion; and brings remarkable health-care benefit to visceral organs, blood, brain and etc. 6. Especially effective for improving skin resistibility and solve the sensitive skin problem, also reduce the problem skin, like wrinkles, fine lines, color [...]

Hydrogen water maker effect depends on the concentration of hydrogen

The key role of the generation of hydrogen rich water is required by all kinds of advanced technology for water dissolved in sufficient concentrations of hydrogen, hydrogen and water conservation is the key to hydrogen water products, in order to solve the problem of hydrogen gas leaks, many foreign manufacturers to adopt the method of monthly distribution. Is to reduce inventory, increase the quantity of hydrogen. Of course can also be in the optimization of packaging technology, prolong the [...]

The role of hydrogen in medicine

From 2007 to 2016, after nearly 10 years of efforts, the Japanese national regulatory system for the treatment of hydrogen inhalation has finally entered the innovative medical research methods, this is a milepost significance of the event, although the hydrogen into clinical application still need to continue to study, but it means to get a ticket, through the efforts, the hope of success is waiting there. I believe that medical research and application of hydrogen will bring revolutionary influence [...]