Water of life – Hydrogen rich water detoxification

Water of life – Hydrogen rich water detoxification

The water of the electrolysis water machine is hydrogen rich water

In the early years, people called electrolysis water alkaline ion water, the truth of this kind of water is actually hydrogen rich water

Electrolytic water equipment is not conducive to carrying?

“To restore the water required to generate water electrolysis equipment, etc., which is very unfavorable to carry” ?

The water cup is in electrolytic production of hydrogen rich water, first popular in Japan, whenever and wherever possible can produce hydrogen rich water drink immediately, and everyone should drink plenty of water and a small amount of hydrogen based on the same work basis.



Energy saving of electrolytic water

As long as the requirements of water with electrolytic water only to electrolytic water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Just do not meet the requirements of the water, may be accompanied by other electroplating and other trace reactions. Such as brine electrolysis, 84 disinfectant will produce

About the degree of hardness of water quality

“Do not use an electrolytic water generator at high water hardness.”?

The difference between soft water and hard water is the calcium ion content in water, soft water and hard water with soap and water identification laboratory, available methods in daily life to boiling water become soft water. The water in the cup is prohibited to use visible in addition to any other liquid drinking water outside, including distilled water. In China, drinking water generally refers to tap water or underground boiling water after boiling water.

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