Recommended collection: expert analysis of air purifiers

Recommended collection: expert analysis of air purifiers

In addition to traditional household appliances, various household appliances are now also appearing in everyone’s homes, including air purifiers. What is the function of the air purifier?
The function of an air purifier is to purify indoor air just like the literal meaning. The relevant national “Air Purifier” standard defines an air purifier as “a machine that separates and removes one or a variety of environmental pollution components from the air.” equipment”. Mechanical equipment with a certain ability to remove air pollutants. In the centralized air conditioning and ventilation system, it mainly refers to the air purifiers and modular air purifiers used alone in the room.

What are the types of air purifiers

1. Filter type: This type of air cleaner adopts a porous material filter device to intercept and collect particles suspended in the air. It generally uses HEPA filter or activated carbon filter to filter fine particles and carcinogens such as formaldehyde, benzene, and nitrogen dioxide in the vacuum chamber. If calculated according to the frequency of use per day in 6-8 hours, then the use time of activated carbon is about 6 months.
2. Cutting-edge discharge type: The inside of the cutting-edge discharge air purifier has a high pressure of over 1,000 picoamps, and the inhalable particles can be plugged in according to the hydrolysis reaction and then adsorbed. Therefore, when purchasing such products, you must look at the product certification certificate or the conformity inspection report provided by the national home appliance product quality inspection and testing agency to prevent risks due to unqualified product quality. Generally, the dust removal equipment of this kind of air purifier is relatively sharp metal sheet, which is easy to scratch people after cleaning, so pay attention to it.
3. Photocatalyst removal of formaldehyde and formaldehyde removal type: Since the photocatalyst has the effect of removing formaldehyde and formaldehyde only as a catalyst carrier, it does not participate in the chemical reaction, so the effect of photocatalyst to remove formaldehyde and formaldehyde is expected to be relatively long-term. This type of product is very convenient and quick to eliminate the maintenance process. Since the photocatalyst removes formaldehyde to remove formaldehyde, the catalytic reaction speed can be best reflected by sunlight. Do not use the photocatalyst to remove formaldehyde to remove the formaldehyde raw materials or cover the light source designed to irradiate the material.

4. Negative oxygen ion type: In addition to negative oxygen ion type mechanical equipment, a certain amount of ozone will be produced. If the concentration of carbon dioxide is too high, it will pose a threat to human health. Therefore, when customers choose negative oxygen ion air purifiers, they should pay attention to the concentration of carbon dioxide produced by the equipment not too high. The first is to smell with the nose. If the pungent smell is very strong, it means that the carbon dioxide concentration is likely to exceed the standard; the second is to check whether the inspection report is qualified. Consumers with hypersensitive physique should try to avoid using such products.
5. Ultraviolet type: Excessive ultraviolet radiation can cause changes in photochemical reactions, which may cause a series of changes in human behavior, especially to the skin. Eyes and human immune system software will have a negative impact. Therefore, when buying and selecting such products, be careful not to leak ultraviolet light, that is, you can’t see the exposure of the led tube to prevent harm.

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