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“Air vitamin” – the benefits of negative oxygen ions from Air purifier

“Air vitamin” – the benefits of negative oxygen ions Prevention: produce reactive oxygen. Negative oxygen ions can effectively activate the oxygen molecules in the air to make it more active and more easily absorbed by the body to effectively prevent “Air conditioning disease.” Improve lung function: inhaled oxygen carrying negative oxygen ions, the lung can absorb more oxygen 20%, while breathe out more than 14.5% of carbon dioxide. Promote metabolism: activate the body a variety of enzymes, promote metabolism. Enhanced disease resistance: able [...]

Natural air purifier

1,Aloe – pot of aloe vera is equivalent to nine biological air cleaner Potted aloe vera with an air purifier reputation experts. Pot of aloe vera is equivalent to nine biological air cleaners, can absorb formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances. Especially formaldehyde absorption particularly strong. Experiments show that: In four hours light conditions, a pot of aloe vera can eliminate one square meter of air in 90% formaldehyde. 2, Dripping Guanyin – clear the air [...]

Air purifier purchase skills with the cleaning and maintenance tips

Outside, the air we breathe, with factories, car exhaust fumes, haze is also very serious, so many people will have respiratory disease. That hid in the house would not have to breathe the air of poor quality bar, indoor air pollution is the same serious, it can not be ignored. Today we take a look to buy an air purifier and air purifier share tips to clean and maintain. Buy air purifiers skills to share 1, according to the selected space [...]

Air Purifier free

In fact, despite the air purifier on the market it claimed the name, type, function varies, but traced, primarily no more than two from the air purifier working principle point of view: One is passive adsorption filter air purifier works. Passive air purification, with the fan draws air into the machine, filtered air through the built-in screen, can play a major filter dust, odor and disinfection action. This filter air purifiers use more HEPA filter + carbon filter + photocatalyst [...]

Air purifier Eight Problems

1.Air purifier can 24 hours of continuous open? Successive meetings does not create other problems? As long as the fan life, wear, heat is no problem on the line. Since theoretically, any appliances are able to operate 24 hours without a break, but will have electrical service life, the life expectancy is calculated in accordance with time. For the purposes of air purifier, after a long time to open, the filter material loss is large, for example, could have a [...]

Air Purifier: do practical things more important than the brand of storytelling do not “up in the wind.”

Air purifier market is a tempting big “cake”, since the explosive growth after 2013 has entered its fourth year. Gfk Retail observed test data, in 2016 the market continued the 2015 outbreak of high-speed, one quarter of the overall air purifier market model of 1421, representing an increase of 420. As can be seen, in the face of unprecedented market, a variety of so-called dark horse counterattack, cutting-edge in the upper story of this industry is still constantly clamored. Specifically, [...]

Air purifier is useful

December 2015, Northeast China, Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas after another heavy air pollution process appears. Experts said that most of the time people stay at home, offices and other indoor spaces, indoor air pollution prevention and control can not be taken lightly, scientific understanding of the proper use of air purification means, for the interior space is also put on the “anti-haze masks.” Purifier significantly improve air quality “Modern, 80% of the time indoors, when the outdoor pollution, the indoor [...]

Use an air purifier Highlights Misunderstandings

At present, China’s household air purifier has a rate of less than 1%, while the United States, Japan and other developed countries can reach 27% and 17% share. Read this set of data, small suddenly realized, no wonder the world face with so many manufacturers have produced air purifiers, the original of this considerable market potential. Air purifier new national standard introduced From this month, an air purifier new national standard into effect. First, the new national standard clear indicators of the impact [...]

Air purifier CADR value is not the higher the better

Haze frequently, in order to prevent PM2.5 particulate matter on health hazards, many people travel abroad habitually wear a mask. However, people tend to focus on outdoor pollution, neglect of indoor pollution. According to statistics, the biggest victims of indoor pollution is that children, pregnant women, the elderly and chronically ill people, especially children, are more susceptible than adults to hazards of indoor pollution. Defending indoor air clean and protect the health of family members, air purifiers become the [...]