Air purifier CADR value is not the higher the better

Air purifier CADR value is not the higher the better

Haze frequently, in order to prevent PM2.5 particulate matter on health hazards, many people travel abroad habitually wear a mask. However, people tend to focus on outdoor pollution, neglect of indoor pollution. According to statistics, the biggest victims of indoor pollution is that children, pregnant women, the elderly and chronically ill people, especially children, are more susceptible than adults to hazards of indoor pollution. Defending indoor air clean and protect the health of family members, air purifiers become the first choice for many of the general public.

With this year’s March 1 national standard air purifier Nisshin execution, consumers how to choose a suitable air purifiers surer, but one of the parameters is not fully known, some consumers blind pursuit of high parameters, resulting in unnecessary waste products. Here we talk about the most common CADR value, which in the end is what?

CADR is (Cleanairdeliveryrate) abbreviation, is the US appliance manufacturers association (AHAM) in accordance with strict testing standards for testing air purifiers come clean air output ratio. The new national standard air purifier more regulations at rated state and the prescribed test conditions, see the parameters of its purifying capacity. The two target contaminants include particulates and gaseous pollutants. To represent air purifiers provide clean air rate, relatively speaking, the greater the ability to clean cubic meters per hour to prove this air purifier purify higher performance.

The quality of the performance of the air purifier, mainly by the clean air output ratio (value of the CADR) determined, the clean air output ratio, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier. However, users in the purchase of an air purifier Do not numb the pursuit of high value, CADR value is not better, according to their own environment area measured. When users choose a higher CADR worth using air purifiers in just 20 square meters room, which often result in unnecessary waste, and air purifier also failed to play its best results

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