How much do you know about the air purifier filter?

How much do you know about the air purifier filter?

Is the filter thicker the better?

Filter type air purifier has been relying on excellent purification effect to win the trust of the majority of people, so for the filter how should we choose? HEPA filter is thicker the better?

This view is not correct, compared to screen thickness, there are many important factors influencing the purification effect, such as the level of activated carbon filter, particle size and distribution. In order to achieve better filtering effect, we must first ensure that the contact area of the filter screen and the air enough.


The working principle of the filter type air purifier is used to sieve particles, larger contact area means better adsorption effect, resulting in better purification effect. Most of the current air purifier using composite filter, this design is the advantage, can also bring significantly improved particles and formaldehyde CADR value.

Olansi air purifier filter , can simultaneously enhance the particulate matter and formaldehyde CADR value, bring more thorough purification effect

activated carbon great mystery

A lot of people may think that the use of activated carbon air purifier is no different, but different types of activated carbon adsorption of pollutants in the difference is far greater than you think!

Activated carbon by Olansi, compared with synthetic material, the active carbon does not produce dust, widely used in the field of drinking water and food processing; the activated carbon also has developed porosity, adsorption capacity, adsorption capacity of formaldehyde and other organic pollutants than ordinary activated carbon is about 5 times higher than the adsorption rate faster.

HEPA filter how to choose?

The word “HEPA” in many air purifiers propaganda page everywhere, most air purifiers have adopted this efficient filter, but the same as the HEPA, the filtration of the particle size is not the same, we need to pay attention to in the purchase.

We know that PM2.5 is the floorboard of air particulate pollutants, it refers to the particle size of less than 2.5 micron particles. However, in our respiratory health threats can be more than such material particles, smaller size will also be with the alveolar breath, and cause serious threat to respiratory health, so the HEPA filter to particle filter particle size smaller, so as to provide comprehensive protection for the family to breathe.

Olansi air purifier K07A, for example, the composite filter can effectively absorb and filter the air to small particles of 0.01 microns, and ensure the family’s respiratory healthK07透视3_副本

Sealing more critical

In addition to the level of HEPA filter and activated carbon selection, to ensure the purification effect of air purifier, also puts forward some requirements for sealing screen. If the sealing is poor, in the work process there will be dust leakage phenomenon, is likely to cause two pollution, threatening the user’s respiratory health.

Olansi air purifier filter in the periphery is provided with sealing glue, tightly and effectively guarantee the sealing of the purifier, filter; internal uses the German machine connection, which makes the screen more stable structure, effectively prolong the service life.


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