How to choose a suitable air purifier?

How to choose a suitable air purifier?

1: filter purification method is more suitable for

The main filter and electrostatic. The main difference is that the former is the need to replace HEPA (HEPA filter), the latter does not require frequent cleaning, but the static dust collecting part. The filter type air purifier is currently on the market the most common products, it was magic weapon is safe and efficient. It is decided by its working principle. The filtering type air purifier using filter type. Because of the only physical purification of physical purification through filtration, the purified air will have little side effects on the human body, therefore is a safe method.

It is effective, because the various types of pollution, filtering type air purifier will adopt different coping methods, for example, pre filter can filter out larger dust particles, etc.; activated carbon filter can filter out VOC, formaldehyde and other harmful gases and odors; filter is HEPA can filter out the virus, bacteria, fungal spores and so on, in order to achieve the “healthy air” effect.

2:CADR value is the key

At present our country consumer cognition for the air purifier, can be summarized as “high concern. Many consumers know little” or even “CADR value” is what is not clear, on the rush to buy air purifiers. CADR is the United States and Chinese recognized air purifier purification performance index, the same test environment, they can be used to express and comparison of air purifiers.

The CADR value of clean air output ratio, which represents the unit of time can purify the air volume, is a very objective measure of purifying ability. Numerical and high CADR value of the product, is the best measure of the effectiveness of air purifier qualified. For CADR, we need in-depth study, only know the value of CADR higher performance is better.


3.HEPA filter determines good air

The choice of the purifier should look at the HEPA screen, the best go to the mall to compare the material, workmanship and thickness. In simple terms, the thicker the better purification effect of PM2.5 HEPA screen resolution. More simple, can be compared according to the level of HEPA, currently on the market of ordinary air purifier, is used in H10, the H9 level of HEPA network, the air purifier brand high-end part, using the H12 level of HEPA network, a handful of high-end air purifiers with H13 level HEPA network, the PM2.5 disposable purification efficiency reached above 99.9%, the filtering effect is excellent.

4.Four listen: noise value is not big

In general, the noise in the normal environment at 40-70 DB noise, we do not want to hear, especially in the evening to sleep, if up to 60-70 DB noise, it will have a great impact


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