What buy air purifiers need to pay attention?

Do you know when buying an air purifier needs to pay attention to anything?Ok,  if you do not know, I can tell you here. I hope this helps you to choose a good air purifier.Buy air purifiers need to consider four points.
First, whether absolute security. Buy air purifiers, nothing but want to use it in exchange for a healthy fresh air. To put an air purifier is safe, it is to determine the advisability of its basic prerequisite. Air cleaner housing, movement and purification technology, will directly affect the safety of the air purifier.
Second, whether the scientific principles of purification, to achieve efficient air purifier effect. Air purification internationally accepted principle five, physical, electrostatic, chemical formula, and anion type compound. In general, the simultaneous use of multiple purification air purifier, purifying it would be more effective. Such as dust, odors, pollen and other large particulate matter, by physical purification filter; and allergens, viruses, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, we need to clean the chemical purification. By purification from the direction of dynamic points, purification from the direction of dynamic points, but also take the initiative to purification (air purification) and passive purification (purification fixed) and active and passive purification three. Passive purification only have the inhaled air purification effect; active purification of the entire space will have a purifying effect. Active and passive purification is a combination of both, the effect is even better.

Third, whether to meet the specific cleaning needs. On the air purifier, the purification is most concerned about the function. If your requirements for indoor air purifiers based only on improving indoor air quality, you can choose pure clean air, cost-effective type. With the growing need to improve the quality of life, the demand for air purifiers is no longer a simple clean indoor air. Such as those people working in an enclosed, air-conditioned room, because the air conditioning dehumidifier action makes room air becomes very dry, the skin becomes dry, so when choosing an air purifier, will have to buy skin function humidified air purifier. The people have their own car, you should choose the car car air purifier, various car smell, and even relieve driving fatigue.
Fourth, the combination of market sales and third-party certification authority to purchase. A high-quality home air purifier, you must have sterilization, purification ability odor. Buy air purifiers, the particular attention to its sterilization and deodorization power capacity if nothing. In addition, like under furniture, tables, sofas and other dirty air mattress centralized place to breed white aureus, Escherichia coli, influenza virus and other common planktonic bacteria; newly renovated house full of formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC and other harmful gases. Air purifier purifying effect of these harmful substances, if verified third-party authority, it will be more convincing. As for the care and maintenance of the air purifier, you need depending on the different brands, different types of air purifiers to be, however, under normal circumstances, care and maintenance are relatively simple.

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