Air purification How much do you know?

Air purifier, also known as “air cleaner” air refresher, is the ability to adsorption, decomposition or transformation of various air pollutants (generally including dust, pollen, odors, bacteria, allergens and decoration pollution formaldehyde and the like, etc.) effectively improve air cleanliness products.

Origin of the air purifier

        Air purifier originated in the use of fire, in 1823, John and Charles Dean invented a new type of smoke guards, firefighters can avoid smoke when fire attack.

        In 1854, a man named Johns Rittenhouse people made new progress on the basis of their predecessors invention: through several attempts, he learned that the air filter is added charcoal to filter out harmful and toxic gases.

During World War II, American scientists developed a HEPA filter, once very popular.

      Air purifier model

Now, air purifiers have a variety of different design approach.

From the mode that is nothing more than passive and active purification purification methods.

        Passive purification is to use the fan to draw air into the machine, filtered air through the built-in screen, can play a major filter dust, odors, toxic gases and kill some bacteria role.Screen is divided dust filter, Formaldehyde removal filter, deodorizing filter, HEPA filters and other. Wherein the relatively high cost is the HEPA filter, it can play the role of sterilization and decomposition of toxic gases, in particular inhibiting secondary pollution.

        Active purification include silver ion technology, negative ion technology, photocatalyst technology.Such as our common negative ion technology, the main principle is the use of electrostatic discharge negative ions adsorbed concentrated dust in the air of dust play a role, while negative ions of oxygen in the air is also ionized into the role of ozone, bacteria have a certain role in the killing.The photocatalyst technology is the use of semiconductor technology radicals in the light irradiation, the release of strong oxidizing power.

 Air Purifying

In fact, the so-called active and passive purification is a general statement, the internationally accepted principle of air purification has five.That is physical, electrostatic, chemical formula, and anion type compound.In general, the simultaneous use of multiple purification air purifier, purifying it would be more effective.Such as dust, odors, pollen and other large particulate matter, by physical purification filter;And allergens, viruses, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, we need to clean the chemical purification.

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