OLANSI teach you how to choose an air purifier

OLANSI teach you how to choose an air purifier

The arrival of an epidemic has made us all more deeply realize that health is the greatest wealth. In terms of air environment safety, the ravages of bacteria and viruses, sandstorms, and excessive formaldehyde in new houses have also caused more and more friends to pay attention to air purifiers. Recently, many friends have discussed this. The effectiveness of air purifiers has been recognized by relevant national departments a long time ago, and a series of standards have been issued, so I won’t say more here. Because many friends reported that they stepped on a lot of pits when choosing an air purifier, and they are not as familiar with this as other home appliances, I hope I can give them some professional opinions. In view of this, Olansi decided to give some suggestions.

In fact, the matter of choosing an air purifier is like finding someone, depending on what you care about. Respiratory safety is more important than anything else. The key is definitely quality safety and professionalism.

At present, most air purifiers are basically effective for PM2.5, but only a few professional purifiers are effective for removing formaldehyde and sterilizing. The difference lies in the purification technology.

Secondly, the air purifier originated from abroad, and its purification technology is still a bit more mature. However, foreign environmental protection laws are strict, and most products do not have the ability to resist formaldehyde, so they are prone to unacceptable conditions.

Domestic air purifiers are mature, but there is still a certain gap in technology. Our domestic brands are developing very fast.

It is recommended that you choose a professional air purifier brand, which has relevant qualification certification, and has been technically improved for the air environment. Therefore, Olansi recommends the following trusted air purifiers:



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