Make the city more beautiful green life

Make the city more beautiful green life

This person is called DUAN, a Beijing girl, now opening a shop to promote the idea of green riding, she knows that riding a bike is a very cool thing, second, the bike is suitable for today’s Beijing, to reduce pollution



Previously, she was a media worker, content is about life, a few years later decided to resign, because want to put the whole body into the implementation of green riding.She believes that life is from any small pile up, she began to develop in the form of urban cycling, to pursue the quality of urban life and environmental protection


She felt that many cities in Europe are not suitable for cars to enter, they retain the facilities of the ride. As a love of this city, she wanted to do something for the Beijing, let Beijing become comfortable, slow rhythm


DUAN Said:”Recently, my friends and I started planning a book on the streets of Beijing do ride album, still slowly accumulated in the photo.LOOK!!! a mother riding a bike with a child through the streets of Beijing, her car is very cool. Watching more and more people choose to ride a bike, I feel more of their efforts have not been wasted.”33


Riding a bicycle can make our life “slow down”. Every day you pass by the scenery, may be because of “slow” and found that it had missed the beauty and details and reduce the pollution of their beloved city,


Make the city more beautiful green life, green travel let the earth to reduce the pollution burden, protect the environment, everyone’s responsibility


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