Why need home HEPA air purifier, car air purifier?

Why need home HEPA air purifier, car air purifier?

The transparent air seems clean, is it really clean? Actually, nowadays, the air pollution become heavier and heavier, that’s why we need true HEPA home air purifier,car air purifier,read below for details :

  1. HEPA air purifier anti-fog and haze. Statistics show that in 2013 haze spread to 25 provinces, more than 100 large and medium citiesin China, the national average annual haze days up to 29.9 days, the highest of the past 52 years.
  2. HEPA air purifier Remove5. PM2.5 particle size is small, rich in a lot of toxic and hazardous substances and long residence time in the atmosphere, transmission distance, and thus a greater impact on human health and quality of atmospheric environment.True HEPA air purifier can filter P.M 2.5 thoroughly.
  3. Activated carbon air purifier Absorb Wood-based new house decoration materials, artificial plate making office furniture, adhesive decoration, wallpaper, carpets and the like.Such materials can release harmful Formaldehyde. And home office air purifier with activated carbon filter can absorb such TVOC.
  4. Space in car is much small& sealed, and heavier polluted than outdoor air. Mini car air purifier with aroma function can offer you a fresh in car air.

Air pollution caused by fine particulate matter on human health even greater than the storms will be inhaled directly into the bronchial, pulmonary gas exchange interference, causing including asthma, bronchitis and cardiovascular disease and other diseases. Olansi OEM home HEPA air purifier professional factory can help you solve all above problem.

Healthy air, Health Life. Trust Olansi and live better.

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