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How to use an air purifier would be better?

Declining air quality in modern society, in order to provide more comfort to the family, environmentally friendly and healthy home environment, air purifiers have become a very popular small appliances. But many people do not realize is that although the air purifier can purify the air, but if the use of improper methods, is likely to cause secondary pollution Oh! But will also affect the life and performance. That how to use the squatters? The best home air purifier for [...]

Let more energy-efficient air purifier

 Air purifiers are more acceptable to consumers, professionals recommend air purifiers to 24 hours operation, the power issue is bound to be a problem in ensuring air quality, energy conservation is worthy of our attention. ▼ How can I make the air cleaner to save energy, it will be an issue we are concerned about. In fact, let the air purifier energy saving can also be very simple, just between you and me hidden in the gestures, in our daily life [...]

Tips for Air Purifier

Air purifier now popular, massive publicity and dazzling products people do not know how to choose. However, air purifiers although powerful, but failed TV refrigerator into the ordinary people of the same family. Many consumers only see exaggerated advertising, but the concept of an air purifier but still very vague. First understand air purifiers have to start from a number of technical terms, what it is PM2.5? That is fine particulate matter known as PM2.5 fine particles, fine particles. [...]

Why do people think that air purifiers useless?

Many believe the first use of an air purifier consumer will have a question, that is, air purifiers really work? Air purifier is a method for filtering the air of harmful substances, so that the polluted air becomes clean and healthy appliances. Note that, since the object of an air cleaner is air and having an air flow. Thus, in the process of purifying the air, we must ensure that the air needs to be purified and the interaction can not [...]

Air purifier market situation and future development analysis

Recently, the United States, “New York Times” and the authoritative medical journal “Stroke Magazine” published an article saying air pollution have accelerated brain aging. “New York Times” using the Keck School of Medicine research the University of Southern California, “Apoplexy” is used Harvard Medical School study found. The basic point of two scientific articles of agreement that air pollution will damage the brain and increase the stroke, the risk of brain atrophy. Per cubic centimeter of accumulated pollutants for each [...]

Which strong domestic and foreign air purification

With around air pollution, haze intensifies, air purifiers become a hot spot, and space vehicles as daily contact with people, car air purification has become the focus of attention. In response to this consumer demand, many domestic auto companies are car air purification product as a prominent selling point. Some experts said that the current domestic air purification products in the field of more than 95% of all activated carbon adsorption technology, and product quality varies greatly. “If strict accordance [...]

Air purifiers create a healthy living environment

         Beijing Center for Disease Control has published over a seven-year indoor environmental investigation report. It was found that indoor pollution including chemical, physical, biological, radioactive substances, more than 50 kinds of four categories, in which formaldehyde, benzene and volatile organic compounds exceeded 20-30 times the maximum actually reached 40 times. Air pollution has become a common cause of human health hazards greatest health threat. According to incomplete statistics, the global acute air pollution caused by [...]

Pregnant and air purifier

Recently, the Olympic champion in gymnastics microblogging drying out of a feeling Olivia mother Angelita belly photos, and wrote: ” Merry Christmas Olivia when you want to upgrade sister happy.” So the question is, when the weather is good bad for the pregnant mother who, if there is an air purifier radiation? Alternate family needed it?  Air purifier for pregnant women if there is radiation?  Air purifier for pregnant women if there is radiation? All appliances are all more or [...]

The new standard uniform relative detection method

It is understood that the empty net product standards of environmental protection is China’s first empty net environmental labeling product standards, which built on the basis of criteria “air purifier” new country, the attention from product design, manufacturing process control, using the stage to the final waste recycling and product life cycle, involving product design requirements easier to recycle, choose electrical and electronic products pollution control requirements of raw materials, production process control of environmental behavior, pm2.5, formaldehyde, benzene [...]

Air purifier green standards drafted

Since March this year, the new national standard air purifier embodiment, the empty net market chaos scene has been standardized, the new national standard of governance is thus called the market a punch. Recently, media reports from the Ministry of Environmental Protection Environmental Certification Center was informed that the national air purifier industry’s first green product standard is expected in the second half of this year officially promulgated. The standard builds (GB / T18801-2015) the basis for the new national [...]