Pregnant and air purifier

Recently, the Olympic champion in gymnastics microblogging drying out of a feeling Olivia mother Angelita belly photos, and wrote: ” Merry Christmas Olivia when you want to upgrade sister happy.” So the question is, when the weather is good bad for the pregnant mother who, if there is an air purifier radiation? Alternate family needed it?
 Air purifier for pregnant women if there is radiation?
 Air purifier for pregnant women if there is radiation? All appliances are all more or less radiation, radiation air purifier just look at the radiation is large, such as we usually household air conditioners, refrigerators, television, etc., also have radiation. Radiation air purifier air purifier, which rely on the adsorption fan after the air filter pollution, not to mention we use the air purifier when the machine is in need of a corner of the room, often far away from the body, so He said electromagnetic radiation produced is very small, this is not to worry.
Pregnant women need an alternate home air purifier do?
Currently, many brands have a special type of air purifier for pregnant women. However, the pregnant mother who really need this kind of small appliances do? According to current findings, the air quality does have a great impact on the pregnant mother and unborn baby. In the long-term pollution, the pregnant women can lead to pregnancy syndrome, neonatal body even fetal malformations. The high air quality, and even help the baby’s intellectual development.
Relevant to industry sources, the air purifier is designed for the elderly, children, pregnant women, the air pollution is relatively weak resistance of people, it can improve the air quality. Pregnant alternate home air purifier, pregnant woman’s body because the resistance began to slowly decline, air purification radiation sickness can not take drugs, fear of drugs affect fetal development, can only pay more attention to in everyday life, because of this, so flu season, pregnant women will be more likely to be infected with the virus germs. If the air quality can be improved, so for pregnant women, has been breathing protection, development of the fetus is safe, and can say to them purifier is beneficial.
High quality air purification system to filter and eliminate chemical pollutants in the air, pollen, dust mites and other allergens, viruses, bacteria and other contaminants, so that the air quality has been greatly improved. As foreign air purifiers, like Japan, the air purifier production technology, although very mature, but household cleaners are basically focused on pollen filter (because foreigners pollen allergy is relatively common), very concerned about PM2.5 and formaldehyde . Domestic users in the purchase of cleaner, the need to pay attention to product features, demand to buy.
   How to choose suitable for pregnant women to use air purifier?
How to choose suitable for pregnant women to use air purifier? First of all, we can not choose to use UV purification technology and anion technology products, air purifiers radiation as both purification technology will result in pregnant woman’s body, although UV purification technology to purify the air in addition to anti-virus can also be sterilized, but hurt the skin, so most do not use the time in the room; anion purification technology most afraid of is the excessive number of negative ions, once the standard will result in ozone, which is the human body and some can lead to fetal malformations.
Pregnant women need to pay attention to what purifiers obsolete?
First of all, the machine should be placed against the wall, and the wall separated by a distance of about one meter.
Second, you do not need to put the middle of the living room or bedroom, in order to avoid the process of purifying the air you breathe bad air. Further, such as the choice of air purifier is humidified, then select the seasons, such as summer and winter when the air conditioning may be used, but the rainy season is not necessary.
Need to be reminded, air purifier filters is the need for regular cleaning and replacement, do not always used to clean, then by the time you open the screen time will be scared, quality purification machines will drop .

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