Air purifier market situation and future development analysis

Recently, the United States, “New York Times” and the authoritative medical journal “Stroke Magazine” published an article saying air pollution have accelerated brain aging. “New York Times” using the Keck School of Medicine research the University of Southern California, “Apoplexy” is used Harvard Medical School study found. The basic point of two scientific articles of agreement that air pollution will damage the brain and increase the stroke, the risk of brain atrophy.
Per cubic centimeter of accumulated pollutants for each additional 3.49 g, 6.23 cubic centimeters will reduce the white matter, the equivalent of one to two years of brain aging. “Published in the” New York Times “first author – Associate Professor, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, noted for their aging brain, the ambient air particulate matter in the natural environment of the neurotoxin.” Apoplexy ” director of Mount Sinai hospital cited cognitive health center Sam Di • Gandhi’s words: “in the past a number of studies have confirmed that air pollution and chronic inflammatory diseases (such as tuberculosis), diabetes and brain diseases. In the highest air pollution in Mexico City, dementia caused by brain damage or even in adolescents. ”
In recent years, a reference to air pollution, many residents of Chinese cities, especially the first-tier cities will tremble in fear. However, air pollution not only in the fall and winter seasons. Because of the hot summer air conditioning use frequently resulting in domestic space ventilation time is reduced, which makes indoor air pollution index of the high summer season. How to improve family microenvironment? In order to breathe fresh air, many families have chosen air purifier.
What kind of air purifier to meet family needs? Air purifiers to create a healthy micro-environment, so you will be able to breathe fresh air and healthy at home. OLANS air purifier with superior purification can significantly improve air quality and to avoid due to air pollution caused by various diseases infestation. OLANS air purifier, you deserve to have.

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