Do you really know the filter of the air purifier ?

Do you really know the filter of the air purifier ?

With growing air pollution problem, people demand for air purifier is becoming more and more obvious .But in the market there are many kind of different air purifiers ,different prices, different functions, Now!!let me tell you somethings about common technique of air purification,



Activated carbon adsorption technology

On the market at present, most of the air purifier will use activated carbon filter, activated carbon influenced by its structure, internal porous for intensive, have certain adsorption effect.Activated carbon can adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, odor pollutants, bacteria, etc, after application of the technology of the purifier is suitable for decorating houses and offices and other places,But often want to change the filter element, avoid adsorption saturation.

HEPA filter technology

HEPA namely high efficiency particulate air filter, this technology is widely used in air purifier.Standard HEPA filters can remove 99.7% of suspended particulate matter of 0.3 microns.Hepa filter can be divided into the H10 – H14 five level, the higher the level 0.3 micron particle filter ability is stronger.

2The electrostatic dust collection technology

Electrostatic dust collection technology, the technology is also common in the air purifier, is mainly used for dust removal and tiny particles, but to remove the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, benzene had little effect.But also has disadvantages, this technology is easy to produce ozone pollution.



Negative ion technology

Anion has sedative and hypnotic, decompression, the role of the fresh air.To purify the air, in addition to taste, sterilization, etc.Anion can effectively improve air quality.But it is worth noting that the anion is easy to produce ozone, cause indoor pollution, you gotta special attention when using is it

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