Air Purifier with Built-in Mosquito Catcher

Air Purifier with Built-in Mosquito Catcher

We must all have experience of trobling from the noisy mosquitos.Especially during sleeping time, or in baby room.The mosquito catcher air purifier can provide your families with peace against mosquitoes throughout the year.Even more,in the recent years,many people get serious illness from the mosquitos bite.

How is it work?

The unit eliminates mosquitoes without use of harsh chemicals.

A LED UV light that lures mosquitoes into its narrow air inlet, then a powerful suction technology draws the mosquitoes in. And trap them onto a adhesive sheet which kills them eventually.

Is it really effective?

This product was developed after a throughtly reseach on the mosquitoes behavior. And it was tested by more than 10 official labs. The result show a very great successful.

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