Why we need to buy Air Purifier?

Why we need to buy Air Purifier?

People can live for three weeks without having to eat, don’t drink water for three days, but if there is no air, it can’t live in three minutes. The autumn and winter season is coming, the weather is dry, because the air quality outside the house is very poor, you dare not ventilate, often the home is not very good, especially the old man and children at home. Because the family has recently refurbished, there is a odor, and it is also afraid that living in the space of formaldehyde is not good. In order to solve these problems, it is a good choice to use the air purifier. Here, Olansi will recommend a few good air purifiers for everyone.



  1. CADR Clean air volume:350m3 / h (particles) 81M3 / h (formaldehyde)
  2. rated power:85W
  3. Application area:24~42/m2
  4. Silent file noise: 29.5 decibel
  5. Negative ion concentration :10 million / cm3
  6. product net weight: 8kg
  7. Product Size: 400x200x600mm
  8. Controloperation: Touch panel + remote control
  9. Protective function: Open cover power-off + anti-power off + child lock protection
  10. Intelligent induction: Granular sensing + light sensitive + PM2.5 digital display + filter replacement reminder
  11. Filter purification:Entry filter / cold contact + honeycomb activated carbon / antibacterial cotton + HEPA / UV / negative ion



  1. CADR Clean air volume: 200m³/h
  2. Silent file noise;30 decibel
  3. rated power:40W
  4. Controloperation: Touch panel + remote control
  5. Motor drive: AC motor
  6. Net weight:5KG
  7. Application area:14~24m²
  8. Product Size :325x172x432mm
  9. Filter purification:Front filter, HEPA + activated carbon filter

A good air purifier can play a very important role, and Olansi gives you better service. If you also feel that you and your family is very important, you should pay attention to the use of air purifiers in life, so you can truly improve your quality of life.

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