Secrets you don’t know about air purifiers

Secrets you don’t know about air purifiers

PM2.5 is not as easy to deal with as you think

We found that it has many unexpected features. Many of the methods that we think are effective have become weak.

Diffusion ability: The diffusion ability of polluted air is extremely powerful and rapid. In an outdoor polluted environment, a closed clean space will be neutralized by pollution once it is opened for about 1 second. This feature invalidates many measures that are considered effective. That’s why the N95 mask should be worn so tightly, a little gap will make it almost invalid.

Settling capacity:

Far below our expectations, we believe that negative ions are an effective technology to promote particle sedimentation. Once launched, the sedimentation and purification effect can be achieved immediately. But the real situation is that because PM2.5 particles are extremely small, it takes a long time to absorb enough weight to settle, such as ten seconds to tens of seconds and several minutes. Therefore, if it is in an open space, Before it had time to settle, it was quickly invaded by surrounding pollution.


We often say that the gray sky is caused by PM2.5. If you look at the sky, you know that the pollution is high, but when those are outdoors, there is a long visual distance. But in daily life, the space you are in is a small fragmentary area. At such a short distance, you cannot visually judge the level of pollution, unless the pollution is really serious and you can not see her in front of you. Including that in many cases, the human eye cannot judge whether these are PM2.5 or water vapor mist.

Pollution performance is simply exploding! There is no way! And in the face of such pollution performance, what level can our purification capacity reach? According to the survey, our current purification technology is concentrated indoors. Almost no outdoor products can achieve the purpose of purification. And how about the indoor purification technology, let’s take a look.

A difficult problem of indoor air purification

At present, indoor purification technologies are mainly concentrated on two types, one is the combination of a fan and a filter, which filters the air through circulation, and continuously allows the pollutant particles in the enclosed space to stick to the filter, so as to achieve the purpose of washing the air. The advantage of this is that the cost of the filter material is relatively low and the service life is relatively long. But the problem is that the more closed the space is, the better. Therefore, the indoor air will not circulate. If people stay in it for a long time, it is easy to cause problems such as hypoxia and excessive carbon dioxide.

The second is the form of a fresh air system, which filters out pollutants during the process of drawing in outdoor air. This method does not have the problems caused by the former. However, because the outdoor air with a high concentration of pollution is continuously filtered, a large amount of pollutants instantly accumulate on the filter, which can easily consume the filter consumables. The cost is also relatively higher.

Even if we only look at the purification capacity, there are still some problems

Generally, the purifier is set to purify a space. The space is large, but the machine is small. It is necessary to purify the entire space so that people moving inside can breathe good air no matter where they are. This means that the purifier needs to suck the air from anywhere in the space through its purification, so as to purify the air in the space. But here is the problem. At present, the size and height of the purifier, the air output, and the angle of the air are not well designed.

Only to a certain degree, there is no detailed convection design and consideration. It is quite difficult to complete the convective circulation of the entire space. Therefore, a large part of the machine actually just keeps circling back and forth not far in front of its air outlet. There may be no changes in other locations, or very slow changes. Therefore, in addition to the filtering capacity of the filter, a large proportion of the indoor purification effect should fall on the efficiency and adequacy of air convection.

One more thing…

Finally, there is another problem, which is the airtightness of our house. Because PM2.5 has a strong infestation performance, especially in the case of high outdoor concentration, if the sealing of windows and door seams does not work well. They will invade quickly like a balloon with holes. Therefore, doing a good job of closing is also a very brain-consuming task. Excessive sealing may cause safety hazards. If it is not sealed, it will be invaded by pollution.

So it can be seen that purification technology still has a lot of room for improvement. Especially the outdoor purification is almost blank.

Olansi A3 Air purifier

But anyway, the quality of indoor air is still under our control. It’s a good choice to use Olansi household air purifier.

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