New Delhi has become the most dirty city in the world.But i have an idea !!

New Delhi has become the most dirty city in the world.But i have an idea !!

According to reports of 24th Nov, the India city’s air pollution index than the Chinese coal mining area of the city is still high, the most polluted cities are New Delhi and Calcutta.


In 2012, air pollution in the world that killed about 7 million people, became the world’s largest environmental health risk. About 80% of the people died of myocardial infarction and stroke, but the air pollution will lead to the increase in the number of lung cancer deaths.

In recent years, New Delhi’s air quality worse. Analysts said that with the rapid development of urbanization around India City, vehicle exhaust, coal-fired power plants, industrial emissions, straw burning, poor use of open fires and cooking multiple factors leading to frequent fog and haze.

Experts believe that shortly after the end of the India Diwali is the arch-criminal pollution. People in the festival set off a large number of fireworks, exacerbating the problem of air pollution.

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