PM2.5 particles increased World wide

WHO announced the latest statistical results on the world’s major urban atmospheric environment, pointed out that the fine particulate matter PM10 and particulate matter PM2.5 more than 80% of the city’s population of more than WHO standard.
WHO says “especially in low and middle income countries is worsening”. It is pointed out that the severe atmospheric environment may lead to the risk of lung cancer and respiratory disease rise, urged countries to develop more effective measures, and air purifier can effectively purify the air, air purifier including car air purifier, desktop air purifiers, home air purifier.
Who to 103 countries in the world there are more than 3000 urban PM2.5 and PM10 data analysis, we conclude that the results show that standard urban population as a whole accounted for only 16%, so the air purifier is very necessary, welcome to view our air purifier styles.

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