Air purifiers: what are they and what are they for?

Air purifiers: what are they and what are they for?

Cough at night, itchy throat, blocked nose, stinging eyes, nausea, dizziness.

They are some of the ailments that, together with other allergic symptoms, are increasingly common in homes.

You may have at home a member who is suffering from this type of disorder. You may be yourself, your partner, and more likely, one of your children. You know something is wrong, but you are not sure where the problem is.

olansi K08A air purifier

olansi K08A air purifier

When the enemy is at home

That the pollution of cities is increasing is a fact. You already know that.

You are also aware that workplaces, for the most part, are not as healthy as they should be. What you don’t know is that in your own home, there may be more toxic and pollutants than you can imagine.

You think (wrongly) that once you get home, the environment is healthier than when you’re on the street. The opposite is true: The air in your home can have up to 10 times more polluting substances than in the streets of your city.

Without realizing it, you spend more than 90% of your time in enclosed spaces and in poorly ventilated environments loaded with unhealthy particles.

The lifestyle has changed. The modern home has become a center, not only for rest, but for leisure.

You don’t even need to go outside to watch a movie. You can have the gym in your bedroom and shopping is something as simple as turning on the computer.

But everything has a price. The air you breathe is loaded with substances harmful to health. The houses are little ventilated. Nobody wants to hear the noise of the street or that the house gets cold and you have to put the heating back on.

You think the problem comes from outside, when it is the opposite.

Something as simple as roasting breakfast bread, releases harmful substances that accumulate to those emitted by air fresheners, paints, cleaning products, carpets or pets themselves.

So what is an air purifier?

An air purifier is like a trawler. The faster you navigate (air flow) and the larger the net (filter), the more fish you fish. Once the network is full, the ship slows down (energy consumption without benefit).

Neither can fit more fish and you have to empty the net if you want to continue fishing (filtering). Smaller fish will always escape (filter efficiency).

The air purifier does not remove or add moisture. It is neither a humidifier nor a dehumidifier. Another thing is that some of these functions are present in the same device.

There are purifiers that may have other functions, such as ionizing. Ionizing is electrically charging the molecules of gases that form the air. When creating negative ions, they bind to particles that are suspended in the air (dust mites, pollen, volatile compounds).

It causes them to group together, increasing their size and facilitating capture by the filter, or being deposited on furniture surfaces or on the floor.

In itself, air purifiers will improve your life exponentially by avoiding all the problems caused by contaminated air. You will have a safe home for you and yours.

Olansi K04C Air Purifier

Olansi K04C Air Purifier

benefits of air purifier in home

1. Air purifiers work to remove airborne pollen, helping people breathe easier

All types of pollen can wreak havoc on allergy suffers throughout the year, specifically during Spring and Fall months.

The benefit of air purifiers with removable/replaceable pre-filters is that they capture larger particles (many types of pollen) while preserving the main HEPA particle filter for smaller particles. This design allows the main filter to last longer.

People have even told us that they have stopped using over-the-counter allergy medication after using their purifier.

2. Helps you sleep better

The benefits of an air purifier in a bedroom allows for better/easier breathing at night, allowing your body to recuperate from the day at a quicker rate. After a good night sleep, a well-rested person is proven to be more productive and energetic throughout the day.

3. Aides people with breathing problems

People with COPD or other respiratory conditions have a challenging time breathing and often times require an inhaler. When people with these conditions use an air purifier they find themselves using their inhaler less, or potentially not at all, while in the vicinity of the device.

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