What are the advantages of air purifier and the cleaning method of air purifier.

What are the advantages of air purifier and the cleaning method of air purifier.

Air purifier is very common in modern life, people will consider its advantages before using air purifier, but also need to pay attention to its cleaning method. What are the advantages of air purifier? Today we will talk about the air purifier.

1、 What are the advantages of air purifier
Purify the indoor air, and can release negative ions, clean the air, the function of air purifier is more and more, there are formaldehyde, humidification, can eliminate a variety of bacteria in the air, of course, in addition to PM2.5 purifier, the action area is about 20 square, many functions, air purifier effectively reduce the harm of indoor pollutants to the human body.
Attention should be paid to the indoor air purifier, when the indoor pollution is serious, it may take 3-6 months to replace the filter element, and it should also be cleaned frequently.

2、 Cleaning method of air purifier
1. The core component of the air purifier is the filter layer. Generally speaking, the filter screen of the air purifier produced by various manufacturers has three or four layers. The first layer is the pre filter screen. The materials selected for each brand of the filter screen are different, but their functions are the same, mainly to remove the dust and hair with larger particles. The second layer is high efficiency HEPA filter, which mainly filters allergens in the air, such as mite debris, pollen, etc., and can filter inhalable particles with a diameter of 0.3 μ m to 20 μ M. This layer of filter screen is the PM2.5 particles that consumers are generally concerned about. The service life of this layer of filter screen is generally several years. If the filter screen is full of dust and particles after long-term use, these deposits are likely to blow into the air again with the air.

2. Air cleaner or dust collector should be cleaned regularly. Once a week, the foam plastic or plate should be cleaned and dried after soap drying, so as to keep airflow smooth and hygienic. When there is a lot of dust on the fan and electrode, it should be removed. Generally, it should be maintained once every six months. The dust on each electrode and wind blade can be removed by long hair brush. Clean the air quality sensor every 2 months to ensure the best performance of the purifier. If the purifier is used in dusty environment, please clean it frequently.
3. When the humidity in the room is very high, the air quality sensor may form condensate. Therefore, even if the air quality is good, the air quality indicator may only be poor. In this case, you must clean the air quality sensor or use any manual speed setting. Use a soft brush to clean the air inlet / outlet of the air quality sensor, remove the protective cover of the air quality sensor, use a slightly wetted cotton swab to clean the air quality sensor, the air inlet and outlet, use a dry cotton swab to dry them, and then re install the protective cover of the air quality sensor. When the air purifier is not in use, it should be cleaned and put into the packaging box, and stored in the ventilation and ventilation room Dry place. Usually should pay attention to moisture, so as not to reduce the use efficiency or damage due to moisture.

It can be seen that the air purifier has the advantages of purifying indoor air, releasing negative ions and refreshing the air. In addition, the air purifier needs to pay attention to the cleaning method to avoid wrong operation affecting its service life.

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