How to use an air purifier would be better?

Declining air quality in modern society, in order to provide more comfort to the family, environmentally friendly and healthy home environment, air purifiers have become a very popular small appliances. But many people do not realize is that although the air purifier can purify the air, but if the use of improper methods, is likely to cause secondary pollution Oh! But will also affect the life and performance. That how to use the squatters?
The best home air purifier for 24 hours or longer to run a large part of the user due to various reasons, such as fear of the machine tired (silly naive), provincial electricity or feel too much noise, only run with a small amount of wind 4, 5 hours, people go home to open, people go out off, thinking that it will be able to purify the air. In actual fact, people go off, indoor air pollution concentrations have been rising, so you come back a little boot file operation up to prevent the rise of pollution, and other open four or five hours at home fell slightly contaminated, you have shut down, so pollution is high and volatile, never fell. Therefore, we recommend 24 hours a day, all quality assured home air purifiers are designed to power as a precondition for a long time, so you can rest assured that open.
Each has air purification equipment designed for use area, and this area is designed for use in accordance with the current general-storey apartment of 2.6 meters to count, or if your home is a duplex villa The actual area will certainly doubled, or it will become a small horse-drawn carts, do not reflect this air purifier purification capacity. Therefore, according to the area of ​​your home to determine how many home air purifier that place.
In most cases, filter technology air purifier, we need to fan the air around the suction machine, filtered, and then blown out. This time machine placement becomes very important, if you put it in the corner, or what hidden place, hindering airflow inhalation, its purification capacity will be greatly reduced, especially in the heating period, in particular pay attention to electrical safety. Therefore, it is recommended to place an empty net in the open, surrounded by at least do not have an obstruction within 30CM, if placed in the room of the center position, all the better.

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