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Qiaobao according to the “report, the Boston Chinatown is the only New England region’s Chinatown, the fourth largest chinatowns in North America.Covers an area of 5 acres, is located in the center of Boston, nearly hundred predominantly Chinese shops, condensed centripetal force 100000 Boston Chinese, Chinese one hundred years at home and abroad have been regarded as the pride of the Chinese people to spread Chinese culture overseas.However, in recent years in the modern and traditional cracks in Chinatown to live gradually into decline.

air pollution
Chinatown adjacent to the 93 and 90 highway, subway lines to the red, orange, silver and purple can be reached, the surroundings are known before.Chinatown and Boston’s central park on the west, adjacent to the east Boston’s main station the station, on both sides of the southeast and the financial district, is relatively and is north of Boston, bustling commercial pedestrian street 10 minutes’ walk from the history of traditional architecture in Boston.
House prices soaring Chinese erosion
Harrison engraved block sun “world public memorial arch.”(the us qiaobao)
In recent years due to the geographical advantages, Boston heels luxury apartments, Boston’s tallest residential building top floor to clinch a deal price is daunting for some $37.5 million.New advanced commercial housing at the same time of promoting the value of the local real estate, also out of the local residents for a long time, rich merchants replaced the new immigrants in Chinatown.Chinatown residents had been put forward in Chinatown residents committee monthly meeting, if continue to indulge the rent growth, indifferent to the housing crisis, violate the interests of the local residents, which can increase the activity of demonstrations, indirect cause poor streets to bring more security hidden danger.
Beginning in 1840, the Chinese immigrants settled in Chinatown is for low rent and plenty of job opportunities.”No one wants to live here before,” the Chinese will forward the director Karen Chen says, “but after efforts to Chinatown residents living here into a kind of enjoyment and fashion, was to get rid of.”
Years of soaring house prices forced the general low income of local residents to afford to leave live in Chinatown.Eventually lead to Boston Chinatown and other U.S. cities which large Numbers of new immigrants flooded condition is different, Boston’s Chinatown Chinese population loss serious, serious aging, young people tend to be slightly lower prices, far away from downtown Boston Morton or quincy city living, to alleviate the burden of life, and Chinatown will become a place that only the rich.
Residents of the younger generation Yu Baihao urged local residents to unite, to recognize the housing crisis has shaken the foundations of the Boston Chinese.”I don’t want to see a report because can’t afford to pay the rent, will be in Chinatown, where the only can depend on is booted out.”
Air pollution is serious
In traffic fortress’s Chinatown now already are so dirty, crowded, ground.Bring a lot of traffic vehicle make Chinatown ultrafine particles in the greater Boston area one of the most serious.
“Let the public charity, residents are stationed far away from the highway is feasible, but Chinatown is small, it may difficult to achieve.”College of pharmacy at tufts university professor Doug (initial Doug Brugge) said.After found the problem, the government engaged in joint local communities to find feasible scheme of improving air quality.Engaged in research on air quality of Terry Yin believes that priority is education before finding feasible solutions Chinatown residents understand fine ultrafine particles, and effectively reduce the inhalation of ultrafine particles.
“Chinatown is supposed to be the face of China’s overseas, she should be sufficient to show power of overseas Chinese as in the tang period, but every time here but only deeply feel weak and weak.”Have the students in Boston said.For Chinatown, its essence is not standing at the corner, positive engraved sun wrote “the world” memorial arch, but the Chinese people live in Chinatown.
For all the Chinese people in the United States, Chinatown is our overseas home, home is not only a senior apartments, advanced facilities, but the old and new immigrants can rely on, set his mind at to breathe the fresh air and comfortable harbour.Nowadays, our home is gradually decline, who did wrong?
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