Air purifier is also useful in serious environment

According to reports, the global annual number of deaths due to poor air quality caused by millions. Air pollution is a global problem. However, the air pollution has not been enough attention, especially in the indoor air quality. Most people only through the eyes and nose to determine the indoor air quality, like PM2.5, bacteria and formaldehyde are “invisible”, this method of judgment is invalid.

12Especially in summer, high temperature conditions, the photochemical reaction in the air will be enhanced, two times the fine particles to produce more pollutants, and because of high humidity, low wind speed, the pollutants in the air and water combination, PM2.5 is very easy to accumulate and easy to spread, “summer haze” is created.

Air pollution in Beijing, for example, 30 days in June, the number of days of good air has 11 days, accounting for 36.7% of the proportion is much higher than the standard recommended by the WHO, the actual level of air pollution is still very grim.
The environment situation is not good, people have to take measures to deal with . The purchase of indoor air purifier. Even the so-called better air quality in the city, take on the problem of air pollution should also take precautions, because the air is boundless, it is prone to “cross infection”.

Olans air purifier filter technology has advanced multi-layer filter, filter dust, pollen, dust, mold, PM2.5, part of the filtering effect can reach 99.99%.Olans air purifier including household, commercial vehicle, etc., user feedback are said to a good purification effect.

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