Select the most suitable air purifier for you

Select the most suitable air purifier for you

In order to reduce the influence of outdoor air on indoor air quality, air purifier has become China home appliance “new members”. In view of the market there are many types of air purifier products, some brands for different pollutants have different types of products, consumers should first clear the situation you want to purify polluted environment.

According to the sources of pollution to choose different products. Indoor air pollution, particulate matter generally, microbial. The newly renovated rooms and in car air pollution is mainly formaldehyde, benzene and other organic pollutants, suitable for the purchase of the removal of pollutants such as formaldehyde decoration more powerful air purifier products. But in the old house, haze PM2.5, can choose to remove the particulate purifier strong performance. If there is a patient at home, choose a purifier is also considering removing microbial properties.


Selection of cost-effective products. Quality is the key to the purification effect of air purifier products in its internal filter performance. High efficiency air filter basically has become the standard configuration of air purifier filter. Bearing the purification effect of the key. The filter is completed, including coarse filter, medium efficiency filter, high efficiency the filter and super efficient filter. The interception efficiency of HEPA filter is usually used for the diameter of 0.3 nm particles can reach 99.99%.

The market is part of the air purifier mainly by electrostatic adsorption removal of pollutants. The use of electrostatic adsorption technology, cut off the power, because the electrostatic field disappeared, part of the dust free to air again. The biggest advantages of electrostatic adsorption purifier, is electrostatic plate can be directly washed, no post filter replacement costs

Focus on customer service and daily cost. At the time of purchase air purifier, know to buy products including installation, warranty time machine, how to clean the purifier, filter net cleaning time replacement cost, and how to change, easy to contact and so on.

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