The new national standard air purifier consumer driven upgrade

The new national standard air purifier consumer driven upgrade

Fog and haze to bring prosperity air purifier consumption. In Beijing, the air purifier has become standard in many families, and in the last year have been part of the brand air purifiers incorporate energy subsidies list. Under the strong sales of air purifiers become a dark horse in the white goods. The March 1 GB introduced Nisshin undoubtedly contribute to air purifier consumer upgrade market.

Recently, the second session of the Chinese air purifier Industry Forum held in Beijing. In the Forum site, the national standard for air purifier recently started implementation, Jingdong and 17 air purifier companies jointly signed and issued “air purifier industry implement new GB Declaration of Commitment.”

The new national standard to accelerate the consumer to upgrade

March 1, 2016 as “the most serious” air purifier new national standard so that manufacturers officially launched to act quickly. Under the new national standard, integrated air purifier air purifier indicators CADR (the amount of air purification), CCM (cumulative amount of purification) value, energy efficiency rating, the noise of these four core indicators, as the primary measure of the quality of the air purifier. It is understood that raise most concern to consumers CADR (clean air output ratio) becomes one of the major initiatives of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Measures from the manufacturers point of view, the first is the adjustment of product sales strategy based on the new national standard. Before the formal introduction of the new national standard, many manufacturers began working on the new national standard products do not meet the intensity of large price cuts, clean up old products. Meanwhile, vendors continue to introduce changes in the market for new national standard products to respond later. In this “rotation model” boom, the high price has become a key point. Many manufacturers in each file CADR value level, the introduction of more low-cost product than the original new products. Data provided by market institutions, in every major CADR value level, the low-price segment share increased significantly.

The second is to upgrade the original model. After the introduction of the new national standard, some manufacturers of the original model by changing the way filters and other product upgrades can be improved by this way at a lower cost products, the indicators to meet the new national standard brought about changes in the market and improve their competitiveness .

Third, consumer education. Some vendors through various media platforms to consumers the new national standard to guide interpretation, and guide consumers to rational choice and buy air purifier.

Foreign high-end brands of concern

GfK Market Consulting (China) Co., Ltd. to provide retail sales data show that in 2015 retail sales of air purifiers is 352 million units, an increase of over 8%; retail sales of nearly 75 billion yuan, an increase of 10%. Compared to large household appliances market downturn, this figure is still worth noting.

2015 air purifier market is still strong foreign brands, the first online brand market share of 10 Chinese and foreign brands accounted for 6, their sales accounted for 53% of the total sum of the online market. Offline market, foreign brands exhibiting monopolistic advantages, almost all retail sales of the top ten foreign brands, accounting for 80% of retail sales in the line. Jingdong, for example, 2015 sales of the top three brands are foreign brands, namely, Philips, Sharp, and Royal Blue. This shows that foreign brands currently on the air purifier technology, pricing, sales channels and marketing still has tremendous advantages.

2015 domestic air purifier brands are beginning to change, we launched a number of high quality products, and achieved some success in the fierce competition in the market. All along, the major domestic brands with low-end products to open the market, cost-effective to attract consumers killer. But the domestic brands in 2015 by more than 5,000 products to increase sales efforts, began to impact almost entirely by foreign brands to control the high-end market.

2015 air purifier products showed a significant trend of high-end and intelligent. Data show that in 2015 more than 5,000 online air purifier product sales reached 16.4% share, an increase of 127%, further crowding the low-end market space. Domestic and foreign manufacturers have found that intelligence is one of the main directions of the future development of the air purifier. According to GfK incomplete statistics, more than 30 brands currently on the market introduction of the smart air purifier, the number of products accounted for 10% of all products, and the percentage is increased. “2015 Chinese air purifier industry report” shows that the market widely used to control the air purifier smart phone APP Jingdong Jingdong Microunion and Ali Baba Ali ash, mainly through WiFi or Bluetooth remote control intelligent device switch, settings and other functions. According to data Jingdong, the market has been nearly a hundred air purification products completed or are being completed and Jingdong Microunion docking and applications.

In fact, the domestic air purifier hundred families ownership rate is still less than 10, much lower than Japan and South Korea and the United States, suggesting that the market has great potential

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