Chia Air Purifier:People are more and more care about their health

People are more and more care about their health. In order to reduce the air pollution at home many families have purchased a air purifier. But there are a lot of people use the home air purifier at a wrong way.

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1. People place the Air Purifier against the wall
There are a lot of people place the china air purifier against the wall. In fact, the air cleaner should be placed away from the corner of the room. In this case, the airflow will be not blocked. If airflow is blocked, it will not only reduce the CADR, but also effect the lifetime of the oem air purifier.
2.Air purifier should be close to people
The truth is that harmful air around the air purifier is worse , so try not to put the cleaner from the people too close. It is recommended to place the purifier on a appropriate location
And avoid the reach of children.
3 seldom Replace the filter
Air purifier filter is like wearing a masks. So it should be regularly replaced. If not replace the air purifier filter frequency, it will become sources of air pollution and will release some harmful substances.
4. Placing a humidifier near the air purifier
Sometimes the air is dry, people will place a humidifier near the air purifier. But indicator of the air purifier will alert and the air quality index will rise. We should separate hepa Air purifier and humidifier. Of course,
5.Turn on air purifier when facing smoggy weather
A lot of people afraid to waste electricity, so they only turn on it when face high PM2.5 weather.
In fact, the power consumption of the air purifier should generally not exceed 70W, so we do not worry much power. But usually there are some invisible air of harmful substances, so usually it should turn on the purifier.
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