Restaurants and bars in Beijing with air purifiers

Restaurants and bars in Beijing with air purifiers

You don’t need to check the AQI to know that the vapour cocktail tingeing everything outside a sickly yellow cannot be good for your health.

Our first instinct, being the consummate survivalists that we are, is to get the hell away from that toxic waste ASAP. But where can you go? It’s not easy escaping that pervasive little thing called air.

We’ve been asking around and have received confirmation that the following restaurants and bars all have filtration systems. So if you don’t have an air purifier at home (or even if you do but you fancy a drink because, you know, pollution) head to one of the following venues for cleaner air.

And yes, some of the venues on this list have systems that work better than others, and no system is completely effective – especially with doors opening every two minutes, letting in thirsty punters and PM2.5 – but it’s a starting point, okay? No one said this list was perfect. Jeeeez.


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