Should I have an air purifier after the new house is renovated?

Should I have an air purifier after the new house is renovated?


Nowadays, friends are paying more and more attention to the issue of air quality index. When it is necessary to prevent haze and remove air pollution in the room, they generally choose to use air purifiers, and air purifiers have long become a necessary part of family life. There are several types of electrical equipment, and it is very convenient to use. However, many people are skeptical about the effect of air purifiers. They are not sure whether they can really purify indoor air. Should they be installed in new house decorations? Today, I will tell everyone about the specific functions of air purifiers.Working principle of air purifier.

Features of Air Purifier


air purifier, as the name suggests, is used to purify indoor air, making indoor air quality better. At present, air purifiers are widely used in household, medical, industrial and other fields, and the air purifier used in the home is now the mainstream product on the market. It can remove particulate matter in the air. It includes allergens and PM2 in the room. .5 etc. At the same time, some air pollution in the room can be removed for the newly renovated house, making the home air more environmentally friendly and healthy. Therefore, the air purifier in the room is now internationally recognized as one of the methods to improve indoor air quality.

Air purifier effect


  1. Purify indoor air: The negative ions in the air make dust, smoke, pollen, droplets and other air-soluble substances easy to accumulate, and can oxidize with organic substances in the air to remove the odors generated, so it has clean air and improved The effect of environmental quality;


2. Sterilization: Air negative ions can combine with bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, etc. adhering to the dust in the air to reduce them. And it has a strong inhibitory effect on air microorganisms, so that the virus loses the ability to attack cells, so that it has the effect of killing and reducing bacteria to clean the air.


3. Eliminate static electricity: Static electricity is caused by positively charged ions. The negative ions in the air will combine with positive ions to eliminate static electricity.

4. Biological effects: Air negative ions have biological effects on the body in many aspects. After using an air purifier, the air becomes very fresh, which can reduce various air pollution and bring a comfortable environment for the family.

How to use the air purifier


1. It is best to run a household air purifier for 24 hours or a long time to better remove harmful substances in the indoor air and ensure the health of the family.


  1. Due to the limited use area of ​​air purification equipment, it is generally calculated according to the indoor space height of 2.6 meters. If it exceeds the specified range, the effect of the air purifier will not be obvious. Therefore, it is recommended to judge how many air purifiers are needed according to the area of ​​the family. .


3. If the air purifier is placed in a corner or hidden place, the cleaning ability will be greatly reduced. It is recommended to place the empty net in a spacious place with no obstructions around it. The central position could not be better.


After the home is renovated, it is inevitable that there will be some pollution to the indoor air, and the hazards of these pollution are indeed shocking. For health, some consumers will choose to buy air purifiers to effectively improve air cleanliness. And the effect of the air purifier, I believe that my friends have read the above introduction and have some understanding of it, which can help you better choose air purifier products.


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