China Air Purifier:China Air Purifier Market Overview 2016

China Air Purifier:China Air Purifier Market Overview 2016

The air purifier market in China is estimated to be about USD 0.965 Billion in 2014. China is the abode to rising industrialization and increasing population which thereby affects the pollution in the country. Increasing number of heart attacks and other air borne disease was kind of a warning to the people of China about the depleting quality of air surrounding them. Rising health concerns, changing consumer lifestyle and increasing disposable income are boosting the adoption of air purifiers in China. The residential market for oem air purifier is one a continuous increase. Worsening air quality levels had led to a boom in the air purifier market in 2016. New entrants like Dyson and Airgle are rapidly growing demand led to a robust growth in the China market in the coming years.

According to China Air Purifier Market Overview, the China market is expected to experience a robust growth. The air filters used in the home air purifiers are one of the most important components of the product. HEPA filters dominate the air purifier market in terms of technology. Technology is one major plus in this market and with the leading brands spending most of their time and revenue in the R&D of the product, the air purifier market is expected to witness a surge in the coming years.

China Air purifiers were mainly used in the commercial establishments like offices, hospitals and hotels etc, but with the increasing awareness about the pollution, the air purifiers are expected to see acceptance in the residential segment as well. As air purifier is an emerging product, and China being the country with the highest potential and the country with the highest population for this market, the global players are expected to extend their business in India thereby leading to higher penetration.

The threat of new entrant is the highest in the analysis according to Porters five forces and the companies are expected to strengthen their distribution channel to increase their reach in China. The foreign funded brands account for more than half of the China market in 2014.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Global OEM Air Purifier Market Outlook

3. Global Air Filter Market Outlook

4. Global Consumer Trends in the Air Purifier Market

5. China Air Purifier Market Outlook

6. Brand Research on China Air Purifier Market Players

7. Company Profiles

7.1. Royal Philips

7.2. YADU Indoor Environment Protection Inc.

7.3. Panasonic Ecology Systems Co. Ltd.

7.4. Midea Group

7.5. IQAir China

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