Solutions for Improve Home Indoor Air

Solutions for Improve Home Indoor Air

In our daily life, air is always inseparable, but air quality issues are often the easiest to ignore. We spend a considerable part of our time indoors, but do you really have enough home air quality? Are you entangled in opening the window? Or is it always leaked by indoor fumes, second-hand smoke and other harmful gases? Or maybe it is the germs caused by long-term unventilation, etc…


First, Opening and closing windows is very entangled in ventilation.

We spend nearly 80% of our time indoors. However, modern buildings are highly enclosed, indoor air is not circulated, and the air exchange rate with outdoor is low, and indoor air pollutants will accumulate. If things continue like this, the indoor oxygen content will be low. The most intuitive thing is that we will feel stuffy. If we can’t handle indoor air problems well, it will inevitably endanger our health.


Opening windows for ventilation is undoubtedly the most effective way to improve indoor air quality, which helps to keep the air fresh and relative humidity in the house.


However, in real life, there are quite a few problems with opening windows to ventilate.


  1. The outdoor noise is serious. Especially near the main traffic roads, serious traffic noise pollution will be caused.

  1. The outdoor smoke or dust is very large. After opening the window, a lot of dust will be adsorbed on indoor furniture. When you reach out your hand, there is usually a thick layer of dust on it, which makes people feel particularly uncomfortable; especially in autumn and winter, haze weather often occurs, as outdoor air pollution intensifies. , Opening the window has also become a problem.

  1. Loss of a large amount of indoor energy. Whether it is using air conditioning in summer or opening windows with heating in winter, it will cause a lot of energy loss.


Second. Indoor particulate pollutants

Third. Indoor allergic reactions, bacterial and virus pollution

Fourth. Gas pollution such as peculiar smell after decoration

In the face of declining air quality, it is necessary to install fresh air equipment at home for ventilation; it is necessary to purchase an air purifier to deal with indoor air pollution.

What problems can air purifiers solve?


Air purifiers, also known as “air cleaners”, air fresher, and purifiers, refer to decoration pollution that can absorb, decompose or transform various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen, peculiar smell, formaldehyde, etc.) , Bacteria, allergens, etc.). It’s one of the home appliances that can effectively improve air cleanliness.

We have solved the PM2.5 introduced into the outdoor air through the fresh air system, but cannot solve the original PM2.5 indoors. For example, we originally had a glass of dirty water, and we kept pouring clean water into the glass. No matter how diluted, the glass that originally contained dirty water would not be completely clean. Therefore, if you are pursuing higher indoor air quality, it is recommended to add air purifiers indoors to decompose or transform various indoor air pollutants.

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