Pay attention to the inspection report when purchasing

Pay attention to the inspection report when purchasing

Many people appeared unwell symptoms when haze weather came, we are actively looking for other ways to remove haze, including the purchase of air purifier is one of the most popular recently. The air purifier on the market continued hot selling, however many kinds of complex, the performance of converter in the end how to buy?

On the market of air purifiers,” four purification”, “negative ion air purification” ,”purification stereo”, “double sensor”, each brand has thie own selling point ,so how does consumers choose in a complex environment ?

People in the purchase should be the first to understand the purification technology. Physical filtering technology is the first choice for home use, consumers try to choose multiple purification technology machine and must check the machine’s inspection report, pay attention to the report of the particulate matter CADR value, formaldehyde CADR value, particle CCM level.

although many of the air purifier selling point is”high CADR”, the CADR value directly reflects the purification speed and area, but not mean that this is the final purification result.,We need to pay more attention to the machine CCM (cumulative volume, high purification), only the two values high then have comparatively obvious purification effect.

Do not buy air purifier right after you can use once and for all,.In the use of purifier is best to close the doors and windows and away from the body, regular replacement of filters, to allow the machine to maximize the effectiveness.

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