Chinese style rigorous: Olans air purifier three standards

Chinese style rigorous: Olans air purifier three standards

Aiming at the problem of air pollution more and more serious, Chinese Guangzhou Olans Co. Ltd. was founded on the special room, after years of development and adjustment, the launch of the K08A air purifier. Some people may ask, the air purifier market a wide range, the United States, Sweden, Japan and other countries have developed a good product, K08A air purifier and what is special about it?



In fact, the designer has been rigorous Olans-K08A air purifier developed three standards:

First, the filtering function

As an air purifier, air purifier is the primary function of Olans-K08A filter pollutants, both fine particles, or pathogenic microorganisms, can effectively filter the Erfei. Pu air purifier with three efficient purification design: the first design, using HEPA filter and high-quality honeycomb activated carbon filter, dust in the air and other large particles the second; design, the use of ozone in high yield, effective on air in Escherichia coli, Aspergillus were killed, decomposition of formaldehyde residues such as benzene decoration, decoration pollution and odor; third design, the air outlet of the release of more than 20 million /cm3 high concentration of negative ions in the air particulate pollution degradation.

Second, air purification process intelligent, visualization

The design idea of Olans product line is very advanced and intelligent, the whole process of air purification visualization. It is reported that, Olans-K08A air purifier at the top of the touch panel can display real-time accurate purifying effect, the indoor temperature shows at the same time, humidity and other parameters. In addition, the machine also adds intelligent light, digital display, unique intelligent operation function gently press the button, the user need only, can start intelligent operation.

The most surprising is that the Olans-K08A purifier using photosensitive induction, real-time display of air pollution and automatic operation. When the outdoor or indoor PM reached 250 PM reached 100, the air purifier will automatically open. Show severe pollution, the air purifier will automatically adjust air volume to the highest; display light pollution, air automatic transfer if a mid-range; the environment pollution has been cleared, will automatically stop running, and there is a corresponding color light, convenient for users to observe the quality of the environment, work to understand the equipment, and save unnecessary power consumption.

Third, the use of an excellent sense of experience

The design of Olans-K08A air purifier also follow the Chinese “is not a nuisance. Traditional operation is almost silent, whenever and wherever possible into” sleep mode “. Some users said, Olans-K08A air purifier running in the home, several times mistakenly closed, however, go near a look that is still running, the mute effect is particularly good finally the development trend of modern appliances, is more and more low sense of presence, Olans-K08A air purifier has been done. Although the tiny details, but highlights from the side of Chinese paranoid critical thinking.

In 2017, the company China high tech, they are proud of the rigorous philosophy, through the Olans-K08A intelligent air purifier to Chinese the Home Furnishing life. China leading air purification solutions provider – China already in the layout of products all over the world, to make their own efforts to improve the environmental quality Home Furnishing.



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