To purify the air conditioning temporarily not replace purifier

With the improvement of people harmful substances of concern PM2.5, formaldehyde, and gradually into the home air purifier, air conditioning manufacturers have begun production of air conditioners with cleaning function. In one view, air purification air conditioner will replace purifier, but experts believe that the current time is not ripe.

Recently, the Beijing fog and haze so many headaches, but also smell new home decoration brought troubled consumers, decontamination has become a priority. Reporters learned from the appliance store, many consumers want to eliminate by purification of harmful substances, air purifier store sales grew 30%. In addition to purification, with clean air conditioning functions are within the scope of consumer choice. Some people think just to have a home air purifier air-conditioned class can solve the air pollution problem, no need to buy additional air purifiers, “air purifier may be substituted such as air conditioning.”
However, some experts believe that this statement is too absolute. “In recent years, or even longer air purifier will not be replaced.” Lv Shenghua appliance industry veteran media person explained that air conditioning can adjust the speed of the air operation, emerged in recent years actually has a part of air cleaner air conditioning function, mainly conditioned air cleanliness, smell, respirable particulate matter, there is overlap between the two functions. He believes that if the air conditioning good enough, there is a possibility of substitution, but ultimately depends on the environment, because the air purifier filter needs to be changed frequently in order to maintain the effectiveness of the use, which depends on the air-conditioning is not easy to replace the filter.

Some experts through market research, all that kind of air purification air conditioning great market potential, but for now, whether it can achieve purification standards have a lot of constraints, including the technical support, the use of the room size. In addition, the current air-conditioning market is saturated, the family has conditioned people usually choose a small room air purifiers to clean the air, “purify air conditioning must develop new classes of users can have their own market.”

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