Some tips for the optional air purifier

Some tips for the optional air purifier

First, it should consider the use of the environment and the effect to be achieved. General indoor air pollution: 1, dust, viruses, bacteria, fungi and insects and mites and other allergens; 2, inhalable volatile organic gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other; 3, the formation and building decoration materials release of radon gas its radioactive contamination caused by the sub-body. Therefore, the choice of air purification products, should be considered its function and effect.

Secondly, consideration should be given air purifier purification capacity. If the room is large, air purification unit time should choose a large amount of air purifiers. Generally bulky purifiers capable, for example, 30 square meters room should choose a 120 m3 / h air purifier. When you purchase a reference sample can be explained or described in the book to choose.

Thirdly, it should consider cleaner life, maintenance is not easy. If some of the products due to filtration, adsorption, catalytic purifier principle with the increased use of time, the trend within the air purifier filter bile saturation, the purification capacity of the equipment fell, it needs cleaning, replacement of filters and filter bile users should be selected with the regenerative capacity of the purification filter bile (including efficient catalytic activated carbon), to extend the service life; also some static products without replacing the relevant module, as long as regular cleaning.

Fourth, we should consider matching patterns and cleaner room. Import and export of air purifier wind design 360 degree circular design, there are one-way. I hope that it can help you to choose the right air purifier.

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